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DHYG 241
DHYG 252
Dental Radiology
DHYG 253
Dental Anatomy
DHYG 257
Introduction to Dental Hygiene
Preclinical Dental Hygiene
DHYG 261
Dental Pharmacology
DHYG 262
Dental Health Education
DHYG 263
DHYG 264
DHYG 265
Dental Materials
DHYG 267
Dental Hygiene Theory
Clinical Dental Hygiene
DHYG 351
General and Oral Pathology
DHYG 352
Community Dental Health
DHYG 357
Clinical Dental Hygiene
DHYG 362
Community Dental Health Internship
DHYG 363
Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence
DHYG 367
Clinical Dental Hygiene
DHYG 390
Current Topics in Dental Hygiene
DHYG 393
Dental Hygiene Specialty Practicum
DHYG 401
Oral Microbiology
DHYG 402
Special Care in Dentistry
DHYG 403
Current Concepts in Periodontics
DHYG 411
Death and Dying During Life's Experience
DHYG 413
Preventive Dent
DHYG 414
Radiographic Interpretation
DHYG 415
Advanced Clinical Dental Hygiene
DHYG 417
Introduction to Dental Office Management
DHYG 421
Intro To Clin Teach
DHYG 423
Community-Based Dental Hygiene Service Learning
DHYG 424
Educational Foundations and Theory
DHYG 490
Special Topics
DHYG 495
Research Methodology
DHYG 595
Research Methodology II
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