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First-Year Seminar: Art in the Ancient City
CLAR 110
The Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period
CLAR 120
Ancient Cities
Ancient Cities
CLAR 200
Art and Fashion from Rome to Timbuktu
CLAR 241
Arch Of Near East
CLAR 242
Archaeology of Egypt
CLAR 243
Bronze Age Greece
CLAR 244
Greek Archaeology
CLAR 245
Archaeology of Italy
CLAR 247
Roman Archaeology
CLAR 262
Art of Classical Greece
CLAR 268
Hellenistic Art and Archaeology (350-31 BCE)
CLAR 396
Independent Study in Classical Archaeology
CLAR 411
Archaeological Field Methods
CLAR 464
Greek Architecture
CLAR 465
Architecture of Etruria and Rome
CLAR 476
Roman Painting
CLAR 480
Egypt after the Pharaohs
CLAR 781
Aegean Civilization and Near Eastern Backgrounds
CLAR 782
The Archaeology of Dark Age Greece
CLAR 794
Greek Topography
CLAR 812
Diaspora Judaism
CLAR 841
Special Reading in Archaeology
CLAR 910
Seminar in Archaeology
CLAR 993
Master's Research and Thesis
CLAR 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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