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CHIN 101
Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 102
Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 111
Elementary Written Chinese
CHIN 150
Introduction to Chinese Civilization
CHIN 203
Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 204
Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 212
Intermediate Written Chinese
CHIN 244
Chinese Culture Via Cinema
CHIN 252
Introduction to Chinese Culture through Narrative
CHIN 253
Chinese Language and Society
CHIN 305
Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 306
Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 308
Chinese Languages across the Curriculum Recitation
CHIN 313
Advanced Written Chinese
CHIN 346
History as Fiction or Fiction as History? Early Chinese Hist...
CHIN 354
Chinese Culture through Calligraphy
CHIN 356
Chinese Environmental Literature
CHIN 361
Chinese Traditional Theater
CHIN 407
Readings in Modern Chinese I
CHIN 408
Readings in Modern Chinese II
CHIN 414
Advanced Reading and Composition
CHIN 441
Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting
CHIN 443
Business Communication in Chinese
CHIN 463
Narrative Ethics in Modern China
CHIN 490
Topics in Chinese Literature and Language
CHIN 510
Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 511
Literary Chinese
CHIN 525
Ancient Philosophers and Their Modern Reincarnation
CHIN 552
Chinese Prose In Trans
CHIN 562
Urban Culture Contemp China
CHIN 631
Writing Chinese (in) America: Advanced Studies of a Foreign...
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