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BIOC 107
Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOC 108
Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOC 442
Biochemical Toxicology
BIOC 601
Enzyme Properties, Mechanisms, and Regulation
BIOC 631
Advanced Molecular Biology I
BIOC 632
Advanced Molecular Biology II
BIOC 643
Cell Structure, Function, and Growth Control I
BIOC 644
Cell Structure, Function, and Growth Control II
BIOC 649
Mathematics and Macromolecules
BIOC 650
Basic Principles: From Basic Models to Collections of Macrom...
BIOC 651
Macromolecular Equilibria: Conformation Change and Binding
BIOC 652
Macromolecular Equilibria
BIOC 655
Case Studies in Structural Molecular Biology
BIOC 660
Introduction to Light Microscopy
BIOC 662
Macromolecular Interactions
Macromolecular NMR
Macromolecular NMR Practice
BIOC 664
Macromolecular Spectroscopy
BIOC 665
Advanced NMR Spectroscopy Course
BIOC 666
X Ray Crystallography of Macromolecules
BIOC 667
Macromolecular Crystallographic Methods
BIOC 670
Biomolecular Informatics
BIOC 673
Proteomics, Protein Identification and Characterization by M...
BIOC 674
Ion Channels Transporters
BIOC 700
Origins and Early Evolution of Life
BIOC 701
Critical Analysis in Biochemistry
BIOC 702
Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOC 703
Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOC 704
Seminars in Biophysics
BIOC 705
Advanced Biophysics Laboratory
BIOC 706
Biochemistry of Human Disease
BIOC 707
Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease
BIOC 712
Scientific Writing
BIOC 715
Scientific Presentation
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: Postsynaptic Mechanisms...
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: Synaptic Transmissions
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: Introduction and Electr...
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: Development of the Nerv...
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: Anatomy and Function of...
BIOC 725
Signal Transduction
BIOC 738
BIOC 740
Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling: Phosphorylation Contr...
BIOC 741
Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling: GTPases
BIOC 742
Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling: Cell Cycle Control
BIOC 743
Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling: Signaling Networks
BIOC 745
Intercellular Signaling in Development and Disease
BIOC 805
Molecular Modeling
BIOC 888
Responsible Conduct of Research
BIOC 901
Research in Biochemistry
BIOC 902
Research in Biochemistry
BIOC 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
BIOC 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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