ASIA 64 - First-Year Seminar: Arab World Photography

Introduces students to photography in the Arab world, including colonial and Orientalist photography, indigenous studio and portrait photography, the ethics of photographing disasters, art photography, and photography and revolutions. Class Notes: PREREQUISITES: *First-year students only.REGISTRATION PROCEDURES:*First-year students who are not enrolled in a fall 2017 FYS will register online when their registration appointment begins.*First-year students who enrolled in a fall 2017 FYS will be able to enroll in a spring 2018 FYS beginning Monday, November 20th (12:01am).ABOUT THE SEMINAR:Arab World Photography introduces students to the practice of photography in the Arab world. We will begin by studying photography of the Arab world by others: European travelers and missionaries, colonialists, ethnographers, journalists, etc. We will examine and discuss selected images, paying particular attention to the relationship that is created and/or represented in them. This viewing will be supplemented with background readings on the history and/or sociopolitical or cultural contexts in which the images are made. We will then turn our attention to indigenous photography in the Arab world. What types of images do people in the region make for themselves and to what purpose? In what ways are these images similar to or different from the photographs created about them by travelers and colonial administrators, foreign journalists, and academics? We will then consider photographs of war and violence and what effects that have on the world. The final segments of the class will be devoted to selected contemporary photographers from the Arab world and the complex ways in which their documentary and art images engage both with the history of Arab photography and the contemporary Arab world; the relationship between photography and moving images; and photography and the Arab Revolutions that began in January 2011.ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:Nadia Yaqub¿s research has treated Arab cultural texts ranging from medieval literature and contemporary oral poetry to modern prose fiction and visual culture. Most recently she has focused on Palestinian literature and visual culture. Her current work has focused on two distinct areas: 1. Palestinian cinema and 2. women and transgression in the Arab World. She is currently completing a study of Palestinian cinema of the 1970s titled Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution. She is also coediting the volume Bad Girls of the Arab World with Dr. Rula Quawas from the University of Jordan. Enrollment Requirements: RC CLAS UGRD FIRST YR STDTS.
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