ARTH 987 - Seminar in African American Art

Advanced standing in art history or permission of the instructor. Explores current debates crucial to the study of African American art. Emphasis on the variety of theories and methods central to the field. Class Notes: Scholars of African American art are increasingly redefining the field in terms of the broader African diaspora. What does it mean to study diaspora culture? How does diaspora culture interact with globalization? How have artists approached the question of diaspora? This seminar is designed for students new to the topic and for those who took my previous seminar on the topic. We will explore a range of theories of diaspora, black internationalism, and globalization, including the work of Stuart Hall, Paul Gilroy, Kobena Mercer, Jacqueline Francis, Tobias Wofford, and Huey Copeland and Krista Thompson, including their theory of ¿Afrotropes.¿.
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