ARTH 971 - Seminar in Renaissance Art

None Class Notes: This seminar explores the dynamic and symbiotic relationship between words and pictures in the period c. 1400-1600 in western Europe. Inscriptions, signatures, biographies, theoretical writings about art, book illustrations, advice to young painters, and the rivalry between the `sister arts¿ will be amongst the themes addressed in our weekly meetings. We will read `lives¿ of artists by Vasari and Van Mander, treatises by Alberti and Dürer, inscriptions on paintings by Holbein and Lotto, and we will work through paintings based on ekphrastic writings such as Botticelli¿s Calumny of Apelles. We will make use of the Ackland¿s print collection to explore objects that have significant relationships to text and the Wilson Rare Book collection to explore books with significant numbers of important illustrations. The aim is to deepen our understandings of Renaissance works of art through concentrated study of the written word.
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