ARTH 956 - Seminar in Islamic Art

Required preparation, 400-level or higher art history course or permission of the instructor. Graduate seminar for critical issues in Islamic art (for example, Orientalism, historiography of Islamic art, critiquing the Islamic city). Class Notes: ARTH 956: Arts of Umayyad CórdobaThis seminar focuses on the Umayyad dynasty of Córdoba in present-day Spain, which ruled the early Islamic Iberian Peninsula (known in Arabic as al-Andalus) from 756-1031. The Cordoban Umayyads were one of the four great caliphates of the early medieval period of Islamic civilization, and the only one to rule from Europe. Their monuments, notably the Great Mosque of Córdoba and the royal city of Madinat al-Zahra¿, and the luxury objects made for women and men of the court, are among the most celebrated in the history of Islamic arts. Readings will introduce the critical historiography of Islamic art history and the caliphal era, providing the historical and critical frameworks for our exploration of Umayyad Córdoba in its Islamic and European contexts.
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