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First-Year Seminar: Celts--Druid Culture
First-Year Seminar: Art and the Body
First-Year Seminar: Art, Gender, and Power in Early Modern E...
First-Year Seminar: African American Art of the Carolinas
First-Year Seminar: Art and Technology
FYS: Special Topics
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
ARTH 113
Art and Sports in the Americas
World Art
ARTH 150
World Art
ARTH 151
History of Western Art I
ARTH 152
History of Western Art II
ARTH 153
Introduction to South Asian Art
ARTH 154
Introduction to Art and Architecture of Islamic Lands (Eight...
ARTH 155
African Art Survey
ARTH 156
Introduction to Architecture
ARTH 157
Introduction to Latin American Visual Culture
ARTH 159
The Film Experience: Introduction to the Visual Study of Fil...
ARTH 160
Introduction to the Art and Architecture of Pre-Hispanic Mes...
Introduction to the Art and Architecture of Pre-Hispanic Mes...
ARTH 161
Introduction to American Art
ARTH 200
Art and Fashion from Rome to Timbuktu
ARTH 242
Archaeology of Egypt
ARTH 254
Women in the Visual Arts I
ARTH 255
African Art and Culture
ARTH 261
Intro To American Art
ARTH 262
Art of Classical Greece
ARTH 264
Medieval Art in Western Europe
ARTH 265
Medieval Iconography
ARTH 267
Latin American Modernisms
ARTH 268
Hellenistic Art and Archaeology (350-31 BCE)
ARTH 270
Early Renaissance Art in Italy
ARTH 272
Northern European Art: Van Eyck to Bruegel
ARTH 274
European Baroque Art
ARTH 275
18th-Century Art
ARTH 277
Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America
ARTH 279
The Arts In England,
ARTH 282
Modernism I: Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism
ARTH 283
Picturing Paris: 1800-2000
ARTH 284
Modernism II: 1905-1960
ARTH 285
Art Since 1960
ARTH 287
African American Art Survey
ARTH 290
Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 299
Art West Africa
ARTH 302
Fashioning Identities
ARTH 303
Art and Colonialism: France in Africa/Africa in France
ARTH 360
The Art of Dying Well: Death and Commemoration in the Middle...
ARTH 361
Saints in Medieval Art
ARTH 362
Early Christian Art and Modern Responses
ARTH 365
Late Medieval Art
ARTH 368
The Renaissance Portrait
ARTH 370
Visual Art in the Age of Revolution
ARTH 383
Modern Architecture
ARTH 387
20th-Century African American Art
ARTH 391
Undergraduate Research Seminar
ARTH 396
Directed Readings in Art History
ARTH 445
The Mexican Mural Renaissance, 1921-1945
The City as Monument
ARTH 451
Women in the Visual Arts II
ARTH 452
Brazilian Modernism
ARTH 453
Afri In Amer Imagination
ARTH 454
Cathedrals, Abbeys, Castles: Gothic Art and Architecture, ca...
ARTH 457
Studies in the History of Graphic Art
ARTH 458
Islamic Architecture and the Environment
ARTH 464
Greek Architecture
ARTH 465
Architecture of Etruria and Rome
ARTH 466
History of the Illuminated Book
ARTH 467
Celtic Art and Cultures
ARTH 473
Early Modern and Modern Decorative Arts
ARTH 476
Roman Painting
ARTH 485
Art of the Harlem Renaissance
ARTH 488
Contemporary African Art
ARTH 490
Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 514
Monuments and Memory
ARTH 551
Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTH 557
Art and Money
ARTH 562
Islamic Urbanism
ARTH 592
History and Theory of Museums
ARTH 595
Experience in Research
Honors in Art History
Honors in Art History
ARTH 750
Advanced Readings Topics in the History of Art
ARTH 751
Gender & Visual Culture
ARTH 777
Colonialism and European Visual Culture, 1800-1990
ARTH 850
Methods in Art Historical Research
ARTH 851
alt-Methods: Digital Art History
ARTH 950
Problems in the the History of Art
ARTH 956
Seminar in Islamic Art
ARTH 957
Seminar in African Art
ARTH 961
Seminar in Medieval Art
ARTH 968
Tudor And Jacobean Portraits
ARTH 971
Seminar in Renaissance Art
ARTH 980
Seminar In Modern Art
ARTH 982
Seminar in American Art
ARTH 984
Seminar in Contemporary Art
ARTH 985
Fashioning Power
ARTH 987
Seminar in African American Art
ARTH 991
Master's Thesis Writing Seminar
ARTH 993
Master's Research and Thesis
ARTH 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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