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First-Year Seminar: Darwin's Dangerous Idea
First-Year Seminar: The Indians' New Worlds: Southeastern Hi...
First-Year Seminar: Crisis & Resilience: Past and Future of...
First-Year Seminar: Indian Country Today
First-Year Seminar: Public Archaeology in Bronzeville, Chica...
First-Year Seminar: Humans and Animals: Anthropological Pers...
First-Year Seminar: Saving the World? Humanitarianism in Act...
First-Year Seminar: Blackness and Racialization: A Multidime...
First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
ANTH 101
General Anthropology
ANTH 102
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 121
Ancient Cities of the Americas
ANTH 123
Habitat and Humanity
ANTH 130
Anth Of The Caribbean
ANTH 138
Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 142
Local Cultures, Global Forces
ANTH 143
Human Evolution and Adaptation
ANTH 145
Introduction to World Prehistory
ANTH 147
Comparative Healing Systems
ANTH 148
Human Origins
ANTH 149
Great Discoveries in Archaeology
ANTH 151
Anthropological Perspectives on Food and Culture
ANTH 175
Introduction to Food Studies: From Science to Society
ANTH 194
Anthropology and Community Development
ANTH 195
Research in Anthropology I
ANTH 202
Introduction to Folklore
ANTH 203
Approaches to American Indian Studies
ANTH 206
American Indian Societies
ANTH 217
Human Biology in Comparative Perspective
ANTH 220
Principles of Archaeology
ANTH 222
Prehistoric Art
ANTH 231
Archaeology of South America
ANTH 232
Ancestral Maya Civilizations
ANTH 233
Prehistory of Southwest Asia and Egypt: From the Earliest Hu...
ANTH 234
Native American Tribal Studies
ANTH 237
Food, Environment, and Sustainability
ANTH 238
Human Ecology of Africa
ANTH 248
Anthropology and Public Interest
ANTH 250
Archaeology of North America
ANTH 252
Archaeology of Food
ANTH 259
Culture and Identity
ANTH 270
Living Medicine
ANTH 272
Healing in Ethnography and Literature
ANTH 278
Women in Science
ANTH 280
Anthropology of War and Peace
ANTH 284
Culture and Consumption
ANTH 290
Special Topic in Anthropology II
ANTH 291
Archaeological Theory and Practice
ANTH 294
Anthropological Perspectives on Society and Culture
ANTH 298
Biological Anthropology Theory and Practice
ANTH 315
Human Genetics and Evolution
ANTH 317
Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Adaptation and Behavior
ANTH 318
Human Growth and Development
ANTH 319
Global Health
ANTH 320
Anthropology of Development
ANTH 325
Emotions and Society
ANTH 326
Practicing Medical Anthropology
ANTH 330
Melancholy Japan: Myth, Memory, and Everyday Life
ANTH 331
The Anthropology of Memory
ANTH 340
Southern Styles, Southern Cultures
ANTH 347
Anthropology of Travel and Tourism
Artisans and Global Culture: Economic, Historical, Experient...
ANTH 370
Southern Legacies: The Descendants Project
ANTH 375
Memory, Massacres, and Monuments in Southeast Asia
ANTH 390
Special Topics in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 393
Internship in Anthropology
ANTH 395
Research in Anthropology
ANTH 396
Independent Reading or Study in Anthropology
ANTH 406
Native Writers
ANTH 410
The Identification and Analysis of Historical Artifacts
ANTH 411
Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 412
ANTH 413
Laboratory Methods: Archaeobotany
Archaeobotany Lab
ANTH 414
Laboratory Methods: Human Osteology
Human Osteology Lab
ANTH 415
Laboratory Methods: Zooarchaeology
Zooarchaeology Lab
ANTH 416
ANTH 418
Laboratory Methods: Ceramic Analysis
ANTH 419
Anthropological Application of GIS
ANTH 420
Public Archaeology
ANTH 421
Archaeological Geology
ANTH 422
Anthropology and Human Rights
ANTH 425
Public Archaeology Practicum
ANTH 426
Making Magic
ANTH 427
ANTH 429
Culture and Power in Southeast Asia
ANTH 437
Evolutionary Medicine
ANTH 439
Political Ecology
ANTH 442
Hlth Gender Post Soci
ANTH 443
Cultures and Politics of Reproduction
ANTH 445
Migration and Health
ANTH 446
Poverty, Inequality, and Health
ANTH 447
The Anthropology of Work
ANTH 448
Health and Medicine in the American South
ANTH 449
Anthropology and Marxism
ANTH 454
The Archaeology of African Diasporas
ANTH 456
Small-scale Societies
ANTH 457
Perspectives in Historical Archaeology
ANTH 458
Archaeology of Sex and Gender
ANTH 459
Ecological Anth
ANTH 461
Colonialism and Postcolonialism: History and Anthropology
ANTH 470
Medicine and Anthropology
ANTH 471
Biocultural Perspectives on Maternal and Child Health
ANTH 474
Anth Of Disability
ANTH 484
Discourse and Dialogue in Ethnographic Research
ANTH 490
Undergraduate Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH 491
Political Anthropology
ANTH 503
Gender, Culture, and Development
ANTH 520
Linguistic Phonetics
ANTH 523
Phonological Theory I
ANTH 535
The Archaeology of Health and Well-Being
ANTH 538
Disease and Discrimination in Colonial Atlantic America
ANTH 539
Environmental Justice
ANTH 540
Planetary Crises and Ecological and Cultural Transitions
ANTH 541
ANTH 542
Pidgins and Creoles
ANTH 551
Origins of Agriculture in the Ancient World
ANTH 567
Urban Anthropology
ANTH 578
Chinese Diaspora in the Asia Pacific
ANTH 590
Special Topics in Anthropology I
ANTH 623
Human Disease Ecology
ANTH 624
Anthropology and Public Health
ANTH 625
Ethnography and Life Stories
ANTH 639
Beyond Trag Common
ANTH 674
Issues in Cultural Heritage
ANTH 676
Research Methods in Human Biology
ANTH 688
Observation and Interpretation of Religious Action
ANTH 690
Special Topics in Anthropology II
Seniors Honors Project in Anthropology
Senior Honors Thesis in Anthropology
ANTH 701
Theory and Ethnography
ANTH 702
Sociocultural Theory and Ethnography
ANTH 703
Evolution and Ecology
ANTH 704
Evolution and Ecology
ANTH 705
Archaeological Theory
ANTH 710
Writing and Publishing in Anthropology
ANTH 711
Feminist Ethnography
ANTH 714
Issues-participatory Research
ANTH 726
Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 729
Research Strategies in Archaeology
ANTH 750
Seminar in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 793
Linguistic Field Methods I
ANTH 817
The Concept of Teaching General Anthropology
ANTH 860
Art of Ethnography
ANTH 897
Seminar in Selected Topics
ANTH 898
Seminar in Selected Topics
ANTH 901
Reading and Research
ANTH 902
Reading and Research
ANTH 915
Read/res In Method
ANTH 993
Master's Research and Thesis
ANTH 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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