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First-Year Seminar: Navigating America
First-Year Seminar: The Family and Social Change in America
First-Year Seminar: The Indians' New Worlds: Southeastern Hi...
First-Year Seminar: Birth and Death in the United States
First-Year Seminar: American Indian Art in the 20th Century
First-Year Seminar: American Indians in History, Law, and Li...
First-Year Seminar: Navigating the World through American Ey...
First Year Seminar: Special Topics
AMST 101
The Emergence of Modern America
AMST 102
Myth and History in American Memory
AMST 110
Introduction to the Cultures and Histories of Native North A...
AMST 175
Introduction to Food Studies: From Science to Society
AMST 201
Literary Approaches to American Studies
AMST 202
Historical Approaches to American Studies
AMST 203
Approaches to American Indian Studies
AMST 210
Approaches to Southern Studies: A Historical Analysis of the...
AMST 211
Approaches to Southern Studies: The Literary and Cultural Wo...
AMST 220
On the Question of the Animal: Contemporary Animal Studies
AMST 225
Comedy and Ethics
AMST 231
Native American History: The East
AMST 233
Native American History: The West
AMST 234
Native American Tribal Studies
AMST 235
Native America in the 20th Century
AMST 248
Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Justi...
AMST 252
Muslim American Literatures and Cultures
AMST 253
A Social History of Jewish Women in America
AMST 258
Captivity and American Cultural Definition
AMST 259
Tobacco and America
AMST 269
Mating and Marriage in American Culture
Documenting Communities
AMST 276
Food and American Studies: Cooking Up a Storm
Globalization and National Identity
AMST 278
Crimes and Punishments
AMST 284
Visual Culture
AMST 285
Access to Work in America
AMST 287
Introduction to American Legal Education
AMST 290
Topics in American Studies
AMST 291
Ethics and American Studies
AMST 294
American Studies Seminar on Aesthetic Perspective
AMST 317
Adoption in America
AMST 337
Beyond Red Power: American Indian Activism since 1900
AMST 339
The Long 1960s in Native America
AMST 340
American Indian Art and Material Culture through Interdiscip...
Main Street Carolina
AMST 351
Global Waters, American Impacts, and Critical Connections
AMST 352
The Asian American Experience
AMST 371
LGTBQ Film and Fiction from 1950 to the Present
AMST 374
America's Threatened Languages
AMST 375
Carolina Cooks, Carolina Eats: North Carolina Food and Cultu...
AMST 384
Myth and History in American Memory
AMST 390
Seminar in American Studies
AMST 396
Independent Study in American Studies
AMST 398
Service Learning in America
AMST 410
Senior Seminar in Southern Studies
AMST 420
Theories in American Studies
AMST 439
Meaning and Makers: Indigenous Artists and the Marketplace
AMST 460
Rising Waters: Strategies for Resilience to the Challenges o...
Documenting Communities
AMST 483
Visual Arts And Culture
AMST 485
Folk, Self-Taught, Vernacular, and Outsider Arts
AMST 486
Shalom Y'all: The Jewish Experience in the American South
AMST 488
No Place like Home: Material Culture of the American South
AMST 489
Writing Material Culture
AMST 493
AMST 498
Advanced Seminar in American Studies
AMST 510
Federal Indian Law and Policy
AMST 511
American Indians and American Law
AMST 512
Race and American Law
AMST 671
Introduction to Public History
Honors in American Studies
Honors in American Studies
AMST 700
The History and Practices of American Studies
AMST 701
Interdisciplinary Research Methods
AMST 702
Readings in American Studies
AMST 715
Community Histories and Public Humanities
AMST 795
Digital Humanities Field Experience
AMST 840
Digital Humanities/Digital American Studies
AMST 890
Seminar in American Studies
AMST 895
Directed Readings
AMST 900
Directed Studies
AMST 901
M.A. Research Seminar
AMST 902
Ph.D. Research Seminar
AMST 992
Master's (Non-Thesis)
AMST 993
Master's Research and Thesis
AMST 994
Doctoral Research and Dissertation
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