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First-Year Seminar: Defining Blackness
First-Year Seminar: Masquerades of Blackness
First-Year Seminar: Kings, Presidents, and Generals: Africa'...
First-Year Seminar: Experimentalism in Global Black Music an...
First-Year Seminar: African Migrations, Boundaries, Displace...
First Year Seminar: Special Topics
AAAD 101
Introduction to Africa
AAAD 130
Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies
AAAD 159
History Of Black Church
AAAD 200
Gender and Sexuality in Africa
AAAD 201
Introduction to African Literature
AAAD 202
African Film and Performance
AAAD 212
Africa in the Global System
AAAD 214
Africa through the Ethnographic Lens
AAAD 231
African American History since 1865
AAAD 232
Black Women in America
AAAD 237
African American Art Survey
AAAD 240
African American Politics
AAAD 250
The African American in Motion Pictures: 1900 to the Present
AAAD 252
Blacks in the West
AAAD 254
Blacks in North Carolina
AAAD 257
Black Nationalism in the United States
AAAD 258
The Civil Rights Movement
AAAD 259
Black Influences on Popular Culture
AAAD 260
Blacks in Latin America
AAAD 261
Afro-Cuban Dance: History, Theory, and Practice
AAAD 284
Contemporary Perspectives on the African Diaspora in the Ame...
AAAD 286
The African Diaspora in the Colonial Americas, 1450-1800
AAAD 288
Black Popular Cultures: Global Scopes
AAAD 290
Topics in African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
AAAD 298
Blacks in British North America to 1833
AAAD 300
Cultures of Health and Healing in Africa
AAAD 307
21st-Century Scramble for Africa
AAAD 312
Terrorism in Africa
AAAD 315
Political Protest and Conflict in Africa
AAAD 316
Policy Problems In Africa
AAAD 318
Politics of Art in Africa
AAAD 320
Music of Africa
AAAD 329
Islamic Cultures and Societies in East Africa
AAAD 330
20th-Century African American Art
AAAD 332
Remembering Race and Slavery
AAAD 333
Race and Public Policy in the United States
AAAD 334
Performing African American History
AAAD 335
Structure of African American English
AAAD 340
Diaspora Art and Cultural Politics
AAAD 341
Law and Society
AAAD 356
The History of Hip-Hop Culture
AAAD 387
HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Diaspora
AAAD 388
Global Black Feminisms and Women's Apocalyptic Writing
AAAD 395
Undergraduate Research Seminar
AAAD 400
The Challenges of Democratic Governance in Africa
AAAD 401
Ghanaian Society And Culture
AAAD 403
Human Rights: Theories and Practices in Africa
AAAD 405
Contemporary African Art
AAAD 412
Regional Seminar in African Studies
AAAD 414
Senegalese Society and Culture
AAAD 421
Introduction to the Languages of Africa
AAAD 431
AAAD 432
Traditions In Afam Music
AAAD 450
The Harlem Renaissance
AAAD 460
Race, Culture, and Politics in Brazil
AAAD 461
Race, Gender, and Contemporary Activism in Cuba
AAAD 486
Afri In Amer Imagination
AAAD 487
Intellectual Currents in African and African Diaspora Studie...
AAAD 488
Human Rights and Democracy in African Diaspora Communities
AAAD 489
African Diaspora Theory
AAAD 491
Theorizing Race
Honors Research I
Honors Research II
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