WRIT 101 - College Writing I

This course is designed to be a celebration of the varieties of written and oral communication. Students will immerse themselves in language, to experience its range of expression. They will recognize the power of language to influence the world and to define the individual. Students will be provided opportunities to explore and express the possibilities language offers to influence others and to explore students' own individuality. This course will examine the symbiotic relationship between spoken and written language. Emphasis will be on personal expression, clear communication for selected purposes, the writing of essays, drafting and revising processes with attention to organization, style, and critical thinking, and critical reading and listening skills. Techniques will include discussion, improvisation, peer and instructor response, and self-evaluation. Prereq: Writing Proficiency Standard or WRIT 095 grade C- or higher. Gen Ed: WRIT/Oral Comm. (fall/spring)
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