WRIT 095 - Developmental Writing

WRIT 095/WRIT 101 (co-req) provides students with two consecutive blocks of writing practice. This additional time, and a class size limited to 15, will help students build confidence in their writing and their ideas. Through the composition of multiple draft essays, students will learn how to define a clear purpose in writing, become fluent for an academic audience, develop and sustain logical reasoning, construct effective essays with a focused thesis, experience the importance of drafting, revising, and peer editing, incorporate source material using MLA documentation, develop critical reading, thinking, and speaking skills, and create an engaging voice that gives personal authority to their writing and speaking. A variety of teaching and learning practices are included in this course: e.g., traditional lecture, oral readings, group discussions, creative and/or analytical writing, listening activities, oral and/or dramatic presentations, visits with authors, interviews, internet and off-campus activities, research practice, etc. (fall/spring)
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