ITEC 640 - Information Technology Project Management

An examination of the fundamental principles and practice of managing programs and projects in an information processing and high-tech environment. The dynamic nature of IT and the effect of life cycles are explored. The fundamental building blocks of high-tech management styles (including project planning, organizational structure, team building, and effective control mechanisms) are addressed. Discussion covers the effect of product and project life cycles in delivering a successful IT project, considering the obsolescence factors in procurement/stakeholder contracts. The goal is to gain a solid foundation to successfully manage each phase of the project life cycle, work within organizational and cost constraints, set goals linked directly to stakeholder needs, and utilize proven management tools to execute a dynamic project on time and within budget. Emphasis is on how to apply the essential concepts, processes, and techniques in the management of large-scale governmental or commercial programs. Topics also include the need for global vision, strong planning techniques, appropriate training before introducing any IT product into the market, and discipline in executing tasks. Enrollment Requirements: Students must be pursuing a graduate degree in Information Technology or Health Care Informatics.
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