GHMT 620 - National and International Approaches to Health Care Delivery

(This course is part of the joint UMB/UMUC Global Health certificate and to be taken by both UMB and UMUC students). This course applies the concepts, theories, and principles of the field of global health presented in the first course to the practical challenges facing global health professionals. Each student selects a specific global health priority for a given national or geo-¬politically defined population to examine over the duration of the course. Students then apply needs assessment methodologies, including epidemiological methods, mapping local, national, and global policy processes, identifying strategies for building infrastructure and workforce capacity, analyzing financial opportunities and limitations, and assessing the impact of macro changes in the global economy, political environment, and human rights and legal systems. Each student will complete a final project that will summarize their findings regarding the scope, options, outcomes, and a recommended action plan for improving the health status of the population group of interest. Enrollment Requirements: Joint UMB Global Health Management Certificate Required Plan.
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