CSIA 300 - Cybersecurity for Leaders and Managers

(Includes content designed to help in preparing for EC-Council Secure Computer User [CSCU] certification). Prerequisite: IFSM 201. A survey of the cybersecurity principles, practices, and strategies required by leaders and managers to become strategic partners in the establishment, management, and governance of an enterprise's cybersecurity program. The aim is to develop an understanding of how cybersecurity supports key business goals and objectives and the ¿soft skills¿ necessary for success in leadership and managerial roles. Topics include the fundamentals of cybersecurity practices and principles; enterprise IT governance processes and security controls; data security; the information life cycle; intellectual property protections; privacy laws and regulations; security education, training, and awareness; and the need for cooperation and collaboration between business units and the organization's cybersecurity program. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite - IFSM 201.
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