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Media History and Literacy
Global Current Events/ Honors
Intro Radio/Audio Storytelling
JRNL 170
Elements of News Writing
JRNL 191
ST: TV Lab
JRNL 201
Diversity in Media
JRNL 257
Beginning Visual Journalism
JRNL 270
JRNL 300
First Amendment and Jour Law
JRNL 328
Intermediate Photojournalism
JRNL 330
News Editing
JRNL 331
Intermediate Web Reporting
JRNL 332
Social Media and Audience
JRNL 340
Intermediate Audio
JRNL 342
Multimedia Sports Announcing and Writing
JRNL 350
Intermediate Video Photography
JRNL 351
Intermediate Video Directing
JRNL 352
Intermed Video Report & Prod
JRNL 362
Feature Writing
JRNL 370
Public Affairs Reporting
JRNL 391
ST: Social Media & Audience
JRNL 392
Ind Stdy in Broadcasting
JRNL 396
Adv Journ Problems
JRNL 400
Ethics & Trends in News Media
JRNL 410
Native News Honors Proj/Honors
JRNL 411
Reporting Native News/Honors
JRNL 412
Montana Journalism Review
JRNL 414
JRNL 427
Advanced Photo & Multimedia Storytelling
JRNL 428
Freelance Photography
JRNL 430
Print & Web Editing & Design
JRNL 431
Online Journalism
JRNL 433
Marketing Your Work
JRNL 440
Advanced Audio
JRNL 470
Covering Elections
JRNL 471
Covering the Legislature
JRNL 472
Opinion Writing
JRNL 473
International Reporting
JRNL 480
Advanced Video Reporting
JRNL 481
Adv Video Photo and Directing
JRNL 484
Daily News
JRNL 488
Student Documentary Unit
JRNL 491
ST: Soc Media &Audience II
JRNL 494
Pollner Seminar
JRNL 498
Supervised Internship
JRNL 505
Journ and Environment Sem
JRNL 567
Press/Broadcast Law
JRNL 570
Covering Enviro & Resource Iss
JRNL 575
Story Lab
JRNL 591
St: Renewable Energy
JRNL 592
Independent Study: Editing
JRNL 599
Professional Project
JRNL 620
Covering NA Issues
JRNL 640
Montana Journalism Review
JRNL 650
Grad Broadcast Newsroom-Ed.
JRNL 688
Graduate Documentary
JRNL 692
IS: Advanced Problems
JRNL 698
JRNL 699
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