CHTH 498 - Internship

(R-6) Offered every term. Prereq. all HHP options minimum junior standing and ECP 120/121 (or equivalent).  Prereqs per option. Exercise Science Applied: KIN 320/321.  If internship is coaching or strength & conditioning must also have completed KIN 410 and COA 405.  Exercise Science Pre-Professional: KIN 320/321.  If internship is cardiac rehab must also have completed KIN 460/483/484. Community Health: CHTH 355.  Supervised field experiences with private businesses, public agencies, or institutions.  45 hours of internship site work = 1 credit.  A maximum of 6 credits of Internship 498 may count toward graduation. Students should not be registered for more than 14 credits their internship semester.
Internships/Practicums, Internship graduation limit 6, Course Supplement Online
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