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BUS 101
Introduction to Business
BUS 107
Introduction to Business and Economics
BUS 125
Intro to Business Computing
BUS 141
Intro to Project Management/Microsoft Projects
BUS 150
Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUS 186
Special Topics in Business
BUS 200
Intermediate Business Computing
BUS 210
Organizational Communication
BUS 220
Managerial Accounting
BUS 240
Change Management
BUS 242
Spreadsheet Applications
BUS 244
Management Information System
BUS 260
BUS 286
Special Topics in Business
BUS 321
Human Resource Management
BUS 325
Financial Management
BUS 330
Marketing Management
BUS 335
Organizational Behavior
BUS 341
BUS 343
Project Risk and Cost Management
BUS 345
Database Management
BUS 350
Business Law I
BUS 352
Business Law II
BUS 353
Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
BUS 359
IT Project Management
BUS 361
Intermediate Accounting I
BUS 362
Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 376
Independent Auditing
BUS 377
Federal Taxation
BUS 378
Federal Taxation II
BUS 386
Special Topics in Business
BUS 400
Project Management Applications I
BUS 415
Operations Management
BUS 440
Business Analytics
BUS 464
Advanced Accounting
BUS 469
Strategic Professional
BUS 489
Business Policy and Strategy
BUS 495
Business Internship
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