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MUS 4502 - 18th-Century Counterpoint

The content of this course is stylistic, focusing on the contrapuntal technique of the late Baroque period (approximately 1700?1750) with some allusions to immediately preceding and following styles. Emphasis will focus on writing skills with some analysis of complete (or substantial sections of) pieces. A working knowledge of tonal harmony and figured bass is prerequisite. Topics to be covered will include: melody, two- and three-part counterpoint; diminutions; cadences, motivic development, and form; techniques for cantus firmus, imitative, and free counterpoint; canon and fugue; and chromaticism.prereq: [3501, 3508] or pass basic skills exam. Class Notes: This course is completely online in a synchronous format. The course will meet online at the scheduled times. Enrollment Requirements: Exclude fr or soph 5000 level courses.
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