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MUS 440
Chamber Ensemble Registration
MUS 901
Junior Recital
MUS 951
Senior Recital
MUS 1013
Rock I: The Historical Origins and Development of Rock Music...
MUS 1014
Rock II: Rock Music from 1970 to the Present
MUS 1015W
Music and Movies: The Use and Representation of Music and Mu...
MUS 1021
Introduction to Music
MUS 1051
Class Piano for Nonmusic Majors I
MUS 1052
Class Piano for Non Music Majors II
MUS 1151
Piano: Class Lessons I
MUS 1152
Piano: Class Lessons II
MUS 1155
Keyboard Skills I
MUS 1260
Voice Class
MUS 1471
Guitar: Class Lessons I
MUS 1472
Guitar: Class Lessons II
MUS 1475
Beginning Ukulele
MUS 1501
Theory and Analysis of Tonal Music I
MUS 1502
Theory and Analysis of Tonal Music II
MUS 1511
Ear-Training and Sight-Singing I
MUS 1512
Ear-Training and Sight-Singing II
MUS 1593
Making Music With Computers
MUS 1801W
Music, Society, and Cultures
MUS 1804
World Music
MUS 1911
Violence Against Women In Opera
MUS 1912
Guitar Heroes
MUS 1913
Striving to be a Creative Leader
MUS 1914W
Music in Nazi Germany
MUS 1915
The Color of Music
MUS 1916
All About Music: Its Meaning, Reality, Communication, and Em...
MUS 1917
Songwriters and their Craft
MUS 3021
Introduction to Music
MUS 3200
Campus Singers
MUS 3230
MUS 3241
Vocal Literature (German Lieder) and Pedagogy
MUS 3242
Vocal Literature (French Melodie) and Pedagogy
MUS 3261
Italian Diction for Singers
MUS 3262
English Diction for Singers
MUS 3263
German Diction for Singers
MUS 3264
French Diction for Singers
MUS 3331
Jazz Improvisation I
MUS 3340
Jazz Ensemble
MUS 3350
Jazz Combo
MUS 3380
Gospel Choir
MUS 3400
University and Campus Bands
MUS 3401
Basic Conducting
MUS 3410
University Wind Bands
MUS 3420
MUS 3430
Campus Orchestra
MUS 3440
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 3480
Marching Band
MUS 3490
Athletics Bands
MUS 3501
Theory and Analysis of Tonal Music III
MUS 3506
Theory and Analysis of American Popular Music
MUS 3508
Review of Tonal Theory
MUS 3511
Ear-Training and Sight-Singing III
MUS 3518
Review of Ear-Training and Sight-Singing
MUS 3601W
History of Western Music I
MUS 3602W
History of Western Music II
MUS 3603W
History of Western Music III
MUS 3950
Topics in Music
MUS 3993
Directed Studies
MUS 3995
Major Project
MUS 4502
18th-Century Counterpoint
MUS 4504
Intensive Theory and Analysis of 20th-Century Music
MUS 4505
Jazz Theory
MUS 4514
Ear-Training and Sight-Singing for 20th-Century Music
MUS 5101
Piano Pedagogy I
MUS 5150
Body Awareness in Activity: The Alexander Technique for Musi...
MUS 5181
Advanced Piano Literature I
MUS 5182
Advanced Piano Literature II
MUS 5230
MUS 5240
University Singers
MUS 5241
Vocal Literature I
MUS 5250
Opera Workshop and Ensemble
MUS 5271
Diction for Singers I
MUS 5272
Diction for Singers II
MUS 5275
Vocal Pedagogy I
MUS 5276
Vocal Pedagogy II
MUS 5280
Opera Theatre
MUS 5333
Music After 1945
MUS 5336
Jazz Arranging
MUS 5340
Jazz Ensemble
MUS 5400
University and Campus Bands
MUS 5410
University Wind Bands
MUS 5420
MUS 5427
Violin Pedagogy I
MUS 5440
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 5450
Orchestral Repertoire
MUS 5451
Applied Studio Resources and Administration
MUS 5460
World Music Ensemble
MUS 5461
Guitar Literature
MUS 5464
Cello Pedagogy
MUS 5466
Guitar Pedagogy
MUS 5481
Trumpet Pedagogy
MUS 5490
Percussion Ensemble
MUS 5491
Percussion Literature I
MUS 5492
Percussion Literature II
MUS 5493
Javanese Gamelan Music Ensemble
MUS 5494
West African Music Ensemble
MUS 5534
Musical Minimalisms
MUS 5541
16th-Century Counterpoint
MUS 5550
Class Composition for Performers
MUS 5561
Orchestration I
MUS 5571
Schenkerian Analysis for Performers
MUS 5572
Chromatic Harmony
MUS 5573
Analysis of Late-Romantic Orchestral Literature
MUS 5591
Introduction to Music Information Technology
MUS 5592
Music Informatics Seminar
MUS 5611
Resources for Music Research
MUS 5620
Topics in Opera History
MUS 5624
Music of J. S. Bach
MUS 5630
Performance Practice: 1700 to the Present
MUS 5631
Beethoven Sonatas for Solo Piano, Violin, & Cello
MUS 5647
20th-Century European/American Music
MUS 5701
Music, Disability, and Society
MUS 5731
Jazz and Modernism
MUS 5732
Free Jazz: From Structure to Gesture
MUS 5805
Worlds of Improvisation
MUS 5950
Topics in Music
MUS 5993
Directed Studies
MUS 8110
Sonata Seminar
MUS 8112
Instrumental Repertoire: Reduction and Realization
MUS 8131
Advanced Keyboard Skills
MUS 8133
Seminar in Basso Continuo
MUS 8170
Advanced Vocal Accompanying Skills and Repertoire
MUS 8181
Operatic Accompaniment Skills and Repertoire
MUS 8182
Opera History In Context: Monteverdi And Mozart
MUS 8183
Opera History in Context: Verdi and Britten
MUS 8237
Score Study: Choral
MUS 8255
Choral Literature: Baroque Era to the Present
MUS 8299
Performance in Choral Conducting
MUS 8333
FTE: Master's
MUS 8444
FTE: Doctoral
MUS 8450
Graduate Seminar in Conducting
MUS 8479
Performance and Document: Wind Ensemble/Band Conducting
MUS 8501
Music Theory Pedagogy
MUS 8550
MUS 8560
Readings in Music Theory
MUS 8580
Topics in Tonal Analysis
MUS 8581
Schenkerian Theory and Analysis I
MUS 8582
Schenkerian Theory and Analysis II
MUS 8584
Current Issues in the Analysis of 19th-Century Music
MUS 8585
Chromatic Harmony Seminar
MUS 8590
Topics in 20th-Century Analysis
MUS 8640
Seminar in Musicology
MUS 8644
Seminar: Advanced Research in Historical Musicology
MUS 8666
Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credits
MUS 8777
Thesis Credits: Master's
MUS 8864
Current Issues in Ethnomusicology
MUS 8888
Thesis Credit: Doctoral
MUS 8994
Directed Research
MUS 8999
Recital Credits: Doctoral
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