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ECON 2010
Economics I (Microeconomics) (Formerly 49.201)
ECON 2020
Economics II (Macroeconomics) (Formerly 49.202)
ECON 2110
Statistics for Business and Economics I (Formerly 49.211)
ECON 2120
Statistics for Business and Economics II (Formerly 49.212)
ECON 3020
Labor Economics (Formerly 49.302)
ECON 3030
Microeconomic Theory (Formerly 49.303)
ECON 3040
Macroeconomic Theory (Formerly 49.304)
ECON 3100
Development Economics (Formerly 49.310)
ECON 3110
Mathematical Economics
ECON 3120
Managerial Economics (Formerly 49.312)
ECON 3160
Investments: Instruments and Strategies (Formerly 49.316)
ECON 3170
Capital Markets (Formerly 49.317)
ECON 3180
Financial Markets and Monetary Policy (Formerly 49.318)
ECON 3250
United States Economic History (Formerly 49.325)
ECON 3450
Health Economics (Formerly 49.345)
ECON 4010
Special Topics in Economics (Formerly 49.401)
ECON 4020
Industrial Organization (Formerly 49.402)
ECON 4030
International Trade Theory (Formerly 49.403)
ECON 4060
International Macroeconomics
ECON 4070
Econometrics (Formerly 49.407)
ECON 4090
Innovation And Development
ECON 4100
Economic Growth and Development (Formerly 49.410)
ECON 4160
Experimental and Behavioral Economics
ECON 4850
Internship in Economics (Formerly 49.485)
ECON 4991
Independent Studies (Formerly 49.499)
ECON 5150
Politics And Economics Of Public Policy (Formerly 57.515)(Fo...
ECON 7300
Microeconomic /Organization Theory (Formerly 49.730)
ECON 7310
Statistics (Formerly 49.731)
ECON 7330
Econometrics I (Formerly 49.733)
ECON 7340
Econometrics II (Formerly 49.734)
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