POLSCI 368 - Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare --- This course offers an introduction to the study of war in the modern world. The lectures and readings are organized into three modules: (1) why wars begin, (2) how wars are fought, and (3) how wars end. In the first module, we will cover major theories of war from international relations, and use them to explain the outbreak of a number of major international and civil conflicts. In the second module, we examine why some states are better at fighting wars than others, and explore the basics of military strategy in land, air and naval warfare, as well as counterinsurgency. The third module will turn our focus to conflict resolution, particularly the role of military intervention, peacekeeping, and negotiation. Cases considered in this course include World War I, World War II, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and a variety of contemporary civil and interstate wars. Class Notes: STUDENTS ARE AUTO-ENROLLED IN LECTURE WHEN THEY ELECT A DISCUSSION. Enforced Pre-Requisite: No credit in POLSCI 389, Topic #79 "Modern Warfare".
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