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IOE 101
IOE Careers
IOE 201
Econ Dec Making
IOE 202
Ops Eng & Analytics
IOE 265
Prob & Stat for Engr
IOE 310
Optim and Comp Meth
IOE 316
Intro Markov Proc
IOE 333
Human Factors Ergo
IOE 334
Ergonomics Lab
IOE 366
Intro Eng Data Analy
IOE 373
Data Analyt Tls&Tecn
IOE 410
Adv Opt/Comp Methods
IOE 412
Constraint Prog
IOE 413
Optim Mod Hlth Care
IOE 416
Queueing Systems
IOE 419
Service Oper Mgmt
IOE 421
Work Organizations
IOE 422
IOE 424
Practicum Prod&Srv
IOE 425
Lean Mfg&Services
IOE 430
Global Cult Sys Engr
IOE 432
IE Istrument Meth
IOE 434
Hum Error&Syst Fail
IOE 436
Human Factors
IOE 437
Automotive Human Fac
IOE 438
Occup Safety Mgt
IOE 440
Operations Anlys&Mgt
IOE 441
Prod&Inv Contrl
IOE 447
Facility Planning
IOE 449
Matl Handling Sys
IOE 452
Corporate Finance
IOE 453
Derivative Instrumts
IOE 460
Decision Analysis
IOE 461
Quality Engin Prin
IOE 463
Measure&Des of Work
IOE 465
Design of Experiment
IOE 466
Stat Quality Control
IOE 474
IOE 481
Practicum Hosp Sys
IOE 491
Spec Top Ind Engr
IOE 500
IOE MS Seminar
IOE 506
Analysis for Finance
IOE 510
Linear Pro I
IOE 511
Cont Optimum Methods
IOE 512
Dynamic Programming
IOE 515
Stochastic Proc
IOE 516
Stochastic Proc II
IOE 517
Game Theory
IOE 525
Lean Princ/Sci Think
IOE 533
Hum Moto Beh Eng Sy
IOE 534
Occup Biomec
IOE 536
Cognitive Ergonomics
IOE 537
Inclusive Design
IOE 539
Safety Engin Methods
IOE 541
Optim Mod Sup Chain
IOE 543
IOE 545
Stoch Network & Ops
IOE 547
Supply Chain Fac
IOE 548
Integrated Prod Dev
IOE 551
Benchmark Prod Anal
IOE 552
Financial Engin I
IOE 553
Financial Engin II
IOE 561
Risk Analysis I
IOE 563
Adv Wk Des Vol Work
IOE 565
Time Ser Anlys
IOE 570
Design of Experiment
IOE 574
Sim Design Analysis
IOE 588
Assembly Modeling
IOE 591
Special Topics
IOE 600
Func Meth Sys Thry
IOE 610
Linear Prog II
IOE 611
Nonlin Prog
IOE 612
Network Flows
IOE 614
Integer Prog
IOE 618
Stochastic Optim
IOE 623
Computationl Finance
IOE 691
Special Topics
IOE 800
First Year Doc Sem
IOE 802
Written&Oral Present
IOE 813
Health Eng Seminars
IOE 836
Sem Hum Perform
IOE 837
Pers Occ Hlth&Safety
IOE 899
Ioe Seminar
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