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ENV 277 - Special Topics

Covers specialized topics not covered in the environmental science curriculum. May be repeated for credit when the topic differs. Class Notes: $50.00 Course Fee Human activities are having an increasingly negative impact on ecosystem function and the viability of wildlife populations. Ecological restoration seeks to aid ecosystems and their associated species in recovery after human-caused disturbance or degradation. While the process of ecological restoration is primarily focused on the recovery of degraded ecosystems, in this class we will broaden the scope to include examples of species-specific restoration. Students will learn the foundations of restoration ecology, a scientific discipline which informs ecological restoration practices, and review completed or ongoing restoration projects at both the ecosystem and species level. Classes will include lecture, discussion, in-depth review of scientific literature and restoration project planning documents, field trips to local restoration projects, guest speakers involved in ecological restoration programs, and a final project. All day and/or weekend trips may be required. Pre-requisites: Science majors, science education majors, or permission of instructor. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites Determined By Topic.
Offered Every Three Years
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