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ANE 130
Introduction to Nurse Anesthesia.
ANE 500
Professional Components
ANE 501
Principles of Anesthesia I
ANE 503
Advanced Principles of Anesthesia
ANE 510
Pharmacology I
ANE 512
Advanced Pharmacology
ANE 515
Principles Of Anesthesia I
ANE 517
Principles of Anesthesia III
ANE 520
Regional Anesthesia
ANE 530
Advanced Physical Assessment And Patient Evaluation
ANE 533
Regional Anatomy/Anesthetists
ANE 535
Advanced Physical Assessment
ANE 540
Anatomy & Physiology I
ANE 541
Renal Physiology
ANE 542
Endocrine Physiology
ANE 544
Neuroanatomy for Anesthetists
ANE 545
Advanced Pathophysiology I
ANE 546
Advanced Pathophysiology II
ANE 550
Applied Chemistry & Physics
ANE 551
Biochemistry for Anesthetists
ANE 560
Introduction to Research
ANE 580
Pharmacology III
ANE 581
ANE 582
ANE 583
ANE 585
Thesis Development I
ANE 586
Thesis Development II
ANE 587
Masters' Thesis
ANE 591
Clinical Practicum III
ANE 592
Clinical Practicum IV
ANE 593
Clinical Practicum V
ANE 594
Clinical Practicum VI
ANE 601
Administrative Organization and Behavior.
ANE 605
Health Policy
ANE 611
Econ Appl in Hlth Admnstration
ANE 621
Anatomy and Physiology I
ANE 622
Anatomy & Physiology II
ANE 630
Applied Chemistry and Physics
ANE 641
Pharmacology I
ANE 643
Pharmacology III
ANE 677
Applications of Financial Management in Health Care
ANE 687
Legal Issues in HCR
ANE 699
Medical Writing
ANE 700
Introduction to Research
ANE 710
Technology and Informatics for CRNAs
ANE 720
Ethical Issues in Nurse Anesth
ANE 730
Evid-Based Prac Of Nurse Anest
ANE 792
Clinical Practicum II
ANE 799
Special Topics in Anesthesia
ANE 801
Scholarly Project I
ANE 802
Scholarly Project II
ANE 803
Scholarly Project III
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