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ENGL 101
Composition I
ENGL 102
Composition II
ENGL 125
From Crime to Sci-Fi: Popular Literary Genres
ENGL 126
Young Adult Literature
ENGL 130
Vikings!: The Literature of Scandinavia, Medieval and Postmo...
ENGL 135
American Stories
Sexuality in Nature and Culture
Literature and the Visual Arts
Literature and Society
Literature and Film
Literature, Medicine, and Culture
War in Literature
ENGL 200
Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 201
Five British Authors
ENGL 202
Six American Authors
ENGL 203
Writing Craft/Context/Design
ENGL 204
Professional and Technical Writing
ENGL 205
One Book in the World
ENGL 210
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 211
Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 212
Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 216
Reading and Writing Journalism
ENGL 223
Latino/Latina/Latinx Literature
ENGL 225
Graphic Novels
ENGL 236
Literary Boston
ENGL 242
Grammar for Every Writer
ENGL 258
Introduction To World Cinema
The Art of Literature
Writing and the Environment
The Art of Poetry
The Art of Fiction
The Art of Drama
The Art of Life Writing
ENGL 284
Language, Literacy and Community
ENGL 285
Tutor Training: ESL
ENGL 292
Cinema, Sex, and Censorship
ENGL 300
Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop
ENGL 301
Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENGL 302
Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL 303
Advanced Special Topics in Creative Writing
ENGL 306
Advanced Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 307
Journalism and Media Writing
ENGL 308
Professional Editing
ENGL 309
Multimedia Authoring
ENGL 311
How To Write Like A Film Critic
ENGL 312
Digital Culture and Composition
Cult Cinema
ENGL 317
American Independent Cinema
ENGL 320
Memoir and Autobiography
ENGL 324
Short Story
ENGL 327
Stage and Page: Drama, 1660-1900
ENGL 328
Stage and Page: Drama, 1900-Today
ENGL 331
ENGL 332
ENGL 333
ENGL 334
Science Fiction
ENGL 335
Children's Literature
ENGL 337
Short Novel
Gender and Film: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
ENGL 343
Literature, Culture and Environment
ENGL 345
Literature of the American South
ENGL 348
Native American Literature
ENGL 351
Early African-American Literature
Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 353
Multiethnic American Literature
ENGL 357
African-American Women Writers
ENGL 358
Critical Race Studies in Literature
ENGL 370
Reading Sexualities: Queer Theory
American Women Writers and American Culture
ENGL 373
Working-Class Literature
ENGL 376
Literature and the Political Imagination
ENGL 380
Special Topics in English and American Literature II
ENGL 382
William Shakespeare's Early Works
ENGL 383
William Shakespeare's Later Works
ENGL 396
Jane Austen
ENGL 401
The Medieval Period
ENGL 402
The Renaissance In England
ENGL 405
British Romanticism
ENGL 406
The Victorian Age
ENGL 408
American Romanticism
ENGL 409
American Realism
ENGL 411
Postcolonial Literary Studies
ENGL 412
Contemporary British Fiction and Film
ENGL 436
Law And Literature
ENGL 437
Reading the Gothic: Transatlantic Terrors
ENGL 438
Reading the Graphic: Texts and Images
ENGL 440
History of the English Language
ENGL 448
Perspectives on Literacy
ENGL 452
Teaching English With Digital Technology
ENGL 455
Independent Study I
ENGL 456
Independent Study II
ENGL 457
Undergraduate Colloquium: Career Development for English Maj...
ENGL 458
Undergraduate Colloquium: Literature in Public Spaces
ENGL 459
Seminar for Tutors
ENGL 463
Advanced Studies in Prose
ENGL 464
Advanced Studies In Language And Literary Theory
ENGL 465
Advanced Studies in Literature and Society
ENGL 466
Advanced Special Topics
New England Literature and Culture
ENGL 475
English Internship
ENGL 477
English Internship II
ENGL 489
Terrorism and the Novel
ENGL 496
Creative Writing Honors Seminar
ENGL 497
Creative Writing Honors Thesis
ENGL 498
English Honors Seminar
ENGL 499
English Honors Thesis
ENGL 600
Studies in Criticism
ENGL 601
Studies in Poetry
ENGL 602
Studies in Fiction
ENGL 603
Studies in Drama
ENGL 605
Studies In Literature And Film
ENGL 608
Introduction To Critical And Research Methods
ENGL 610
The Teaching of Composition
ENGL 611
The Teaching of Literature
ENGL 613
Teaching English with Technology
ENGL 619
Bestial Philosophy: Critical Animal Studies
ENGL 621
Literary Theory Today
ENGL 624
Language of Film
ENGL 631
Medieval to Renaissance Literature
ENGL 633
ENGL 641
Studies in Romanticism
ENGL 642
Victorian Literature
ENGL 646
Literature And Society
ENGL 648
Modernism in Literature
ENGL 654
Modern American Fiction
ENGL 655
The Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 659
Women in Literature
ENGL 663
Revolutionary Romanticism
ENGL 667
Seminar for Tutors
ENGL 668
Perspectives on Composition
ENGL 670
Philosophy and the Composing Process
ENGL 672
Research in Writing Studies
ENGL 674
Writing And Community
ENGL 675
Reading and Writing Poetry
ENGL 676
Reading and Writing Fiction
ENGL 681
Advanced Workshop in Poetry
ENGL 682
Advanced Workshop in Fiction
ENGL 689
English Studies Workshop
ENGL 690
English Research Workshop
ENGL 691
Final Project in Composition
ENGL 692
Final Project in Creative Writing
ENGL 693
Final Project in Literature
ENGL 694
Graduate Internship in English
ENGL 695
Independent Study
ENGL 696
Independent Study
ENGL 697
Special Topics in Literature and Composition
ENGL 698
Intern Seminar
ENGL 699
Master of Art Thesis
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