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MGT 2500 - Introduction to Indigenous Governance and Business Management

Addressing the stories and myths surrounding the relationship between Indigenous nations, the colony and the nation of Canada, this course is a useful introduction to Indigenous governance and business management issues. This course examines the relationship between Canadian Indigenous governance business management. This course will introduce Indigenous business and governance models of the Metis, Inuit and Indian—including Indian Act and Indigenous nationhood—peoples. Students will look at past, present and potential future constructions and explore strategic partnerships and relationships including nation-to-nation, provincial, municipal and with other Indigenous nations. Students will investigate issues surrounding business practices On and Off Reserve, For-Profit, Not-For-Profit and other possibilities and potentialities. Equivalent: Management 2850 (Introduction to Indigenous Governance and Business Management) (prior to 2018/2019)
Fine Arts & Humanit Lib Ed Req, Non Arts & Sc/Fine Arts course, Management course
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