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EDC 317
Intro to Instruct Media
EDC 322
Elementary Practicum
EDC 323
Inclusive Classroom Management
EDC 326
Teaching Social Studies in Elem School
EDC 329
Tchng Reading & Language Arts
EDC 330
Writing in the Content Areas
EDC 334
Oral & Written Lang Develop in Elem Schl
EDC 339
Desgng a Reading/ Lang Arts Pgm Elem Sch
EDC 342
Student Teaching in Art
EDC 343
Methods & Management in Mle
EDC 346
Methods of Teaching Middle Level Soc St
EDC 347
Methods of Teaching Middle Level Ela
EDC 362
Fld Exper Secondary Edu
EDC 377
Student Tchng in Music
EDC 433
Studnt Tchng Elem School
EDC 454G
Culture, Education and Teaching Abroad
EDC 501
Teaching Internship
EDC 509
Composition for Teachers
EDC 520
Assess & Accountability in Ml Ed
EDC 533
Teaching Literacy Across Disciplines
EDC 543
Digital Game-based Learning
EDC 548
Instructional Technology Leadership
EDC 549
Middle Level Student Teaching
EDC 550
Education in Culturally Diverse Society
EDC 560
Literacy Dvlpmnt in the Esl Classroom
EDC 575
Modern Educatnl Problems (unclassified)
EDC 576
Modern Educatnl Problems (unclassified)
EDC 603
Reading Recovery Teacher
EDC 608
Instructional Design II
EDC 609
Interactive Multimedia & User Design
EDC 611
Authoring Applications for E-Learning
EDC 612
Instructional Design/ Technlgy Foundtins
EDC 625
Literacy Leadership P-12
EDC 627
ADV Obsrvng & Respndng to Young Readers
EDC 628
Theortcl Fndtns: Iss in Litrcy Diffclty
EDC 629
ADV Leadrship Practicum for Tchr Leaders
EDC 637
Classroom Management in Sec Edu
EDC 642
Resrch & Thry in Literacy Education
EDC 730
Problms of Schl Curriclm
EDC 732
Curriculum Design for Learning and Leadi
EDC 740
Practcm in Tchng Rdng/ Related Lang Arts
EDC 746
Subj Area Instruction in the Secary Sch
EDC 748
Master's Thesis Research
EDC 749
Dissertation Research
EDC 750
Internship Instructional Systems Design
EDC 755
Curr & Instruction Research Colloquium
EDC 767
Dissertation Residency Credit
EDC 768
Res Cr Master's Degree
EDC 769
Res Cr Doctor's Degree
EDC 777
Sem in Curr & Inst (sub Title Req)
EDC 781
Indp Study Curr & Instr
EDC 791
Rsrch Prblms in Curr & Instr
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