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BAE 202
Stats Inferences for Biosystems Egr
BAE 305
Dc Circuits/microelectro
BAE 310
Heat & Mass Transfer Biosys Engineering
BAE 395
Indep Res in Biosystems Engineering
BAE 403
Biosys Engin Design II
BAE 427
Structures & Environment Engineering
BAE 437
Land & Water Resources Engineering
BAE 450
Special Problems
BAE 502
Modeling of Bio Systems
BAE 514
Component Design
BAE 532
Intro to Stream Restoration
BAE 545
Engineering Hydraulics
BAE 599
Topics in Biosystems Engineering
BAE 625
Top ADV Environment Control/anal (sr)
BAE 642
Open Channel Flow
BAE 652
Fund Water Qual Cntrl II
BAE 664
Watershed Management
BAE 748
Master's Thesis Research
BAE 749
Dissertation Research
BAE 750
Sp Prob in Biosys Engi
BAE 767
Dissertation Residency Credit
BAE 768
Residence Credit for Master's Degree
BAE 775
Professional Practices Seminar
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