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HIST 1311
World History I
HIST 1312
World History II
HIST 1321
The United States to 1865
HIST 1322
US Since 1865
HIST 2322
Texas History
HIST 2332
Introduction to Asian History
HIST 2341
Found/Historical Research
HIST 3310H
Inquiries Hum Stories/Mod Wrld
HIST 3324
Colonial America
HIST 3325
United States National Period
HIST 3326
Rise Modern America 1870-1920
HIST 3327
U.S. from World War I to WWII
HIST 3328
The United States since 1945
HIST 4320
American Women's History
HIST 4330
War and Society
HIST 4336
Tops/Chinese Hist:Modern China
HIST 4338
Tops/S.Asian Hist:Modrn India
HIST 4340
History of Afghanistan
HIST 4341
Making History
HIST 4343
Topics in Asian History:Japan
HIST 4345
Global Refugees
HIST 4350
Topic World Hist:Hist of Cuba
HIST 4352
Tops in US Hist:US Labor Hist
HIST 4360
Topics/Middle Eastern History
HIST 4389
History Internship
HIST 4399
ST:Gaming in History
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