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BFIN 3310
Personal Financial Planning
BFIN 3319
Internship In Banking
BFIN 3321
Principles of Financial Mgmt
BFIN 3322
Intermediate Financial Mgmt
BFIN 3324
Investment Planning
BFIN 3325
Money and Capital Markets
BFIN 3326
Risk Management/Insurance
BFIN 3329
Internship in Finance
BFIN 3355
International Banking/Finance
BFIN 4304
Mgmt of Financial Institutions
BFIN 4310
Estate Planning
BFIN 4315
Retirement Planning/Benefits
BFIN 4325
Student Managed Fund
BFIN 4355
Capital Budgeting
BFIN 4381
Financial Planning Capstone
BFIN 6320
Financial Management
BFIN 6321
International Finance
BFIN 6325
Sem/Personal Financial Plan
BFIN 6330
Financial Cases & Problems
BFIN 6340
Econometrics for Finance
BFIN 6385
Investment Seminar
BFIN 6399
ST:Securities Industry
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