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PSC 171
Comparative Political Cultures
PSC 201
Introduction to the American Political System
PSC 202
Introduction to the American Legal System
PSC 205
ECCE: Global Women
PSC 311
Introduction to Public Policy
PSC 325
Introduction to Political Philosophy
PSC 326
Ideas, Ethics, and Public Policy
PSC 331
ECCE: Political Ideas and Ideologies
PSC 334
LGBTQ Law and Politics
PSC 336
Contemporary American Political Philosophy
PSC 353
Ecce: Women Across Cultures
PSC 354
Philosophy of Law
PSC 357
ECCE: LGBTQ and Allies Peer Education
PSC 371
Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSC 372
Global Issues
PSC 373
Introduction to International Relations
PSC 376
Trial Advocacy: Criminal
PSC 377
Trial Advocacy: Civil
PSC 405
Illinois Government and Politics
PSC 410
Policy Analysis and Implementation
PSC 412
Political Psychology
PSC 414
Appellate Advocacy: Moot Court
PSC 415
The Supreme Court and Judicial Politics
PSC 416
The American Constitution and Civil Liberties
PSC 419
Environmental Law
PSC 421
Law and Inequality
PSC 423
Ecce: Women And Politics
PSC 424
Democratization and the Public Sphere
PSC 425
ECCE: Democracy and Democratic Theory
PSC 428
Globalization and the Future of Democracy
PSC 433
Feminist Theories
PSC 437
Marxist Philosophy: Past, Present, Future
PSC 438
Postmodern Theory: Politics and Possibility
PSC 441
Poverty, Law, and Justice
PSC 443
Religion, Politics, and Public Policy
PSC 444
Gender, Politics, And Public Policy
PSC 451
Empirical Political Analysis
PSC 452
ECCE: Economic Analysis
PSC 453
The Politics Of Reproduction
PSC 459
ECCE: Women Across Cultures
PSC 462
International Law And Organizations
PSC 464
Ecce: Latin American Politics
PSC 465
ECCE: Latina/o USA
PSC 466
Politics of Western Europe
PSC 468
Foreign Policy Analysis
PSC 470
Terrorism and Public Policy
PSC 472
The Law of Military Conflict
PSC 476
International Politics of the Middle East
PSC 478
National Model United Nations
PSC 480
PSC 483
Model United Nations
PSC 485
Closing Seminar
PSC 486
Honors Closing Seminar
PSC 487
Public Policy Closing Seminar / Capstone
PSC 501
Introduction to the Graduate Study of Politics
PSC 502
Methods Of Inquiry
PSC 511
Seminar In American Politics
PSC 512
Graduate Seminar in Comparative State Politics
PSC 513
Seminar in Politics and Law
PSC 514
Seminar in Political Philosophy
PSC 515
Seminar in International Relations
PSC 519
Seminar in Courts and Policymaking
PSC 521
Urban Politics in the Industrial Heartland
PSC 525
ILSIP: Academic Seminar
PSC 526
ILSIP: Internship
PSC 530
Graduate Internship in Political Science
PSC 535
Collective Action: Political Movements and Revolution
PSC 541
Conflict and Intervention
PSC 551
Constitution and National Security Issues
PSC 590
Closure Exercise
PSC 599
Graduate Tutorial
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