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MED 1100
Introduction to Health Care Professions
MED 3740
End of Life Care for Adults & Families
MED 5300
Health Informatics I
MED 5416
Foundations in Healthcare Ethics
MED 8001
Medical Elective
MED 8003
Clinical Clerkships
MED 8005
Medical Student Research Fellowships
MED 8021
Community Health Outreach I
MED 8022
Community Health Outreach II
MED 8023
Community Health Outreach III
MED 8029
Disruptive Forces in Medicine
MED 8031
Reproductive Gynecological Hlth Seminar
MED 8033
Clin Skills Responding Sexual Violence
MED 8070
The Examined Life: Writing and Medicine
MED 8071
Career Life Planning
MED 8073
Biomedical Innovation
MED 8074
Research Skills Seminar
MED 8076
Bioethics and Humanities Seminar
MED 8077
Personal-Professional Compass
MED 8081
Global Health Issues I
MED 8082
Global Health Issues II
MED 8084
Global Health Seminar
MED 8121
Clinical and Professional Skills I
MED 8122
Medicine and Society I
MED 8123
Foundations of Cellular Life
MED 8124
Mechanisms of Health and Disease I
MED 8131
Clinical and Professional Skills II
MED 8132
Medicine and Society II
MED 8133
Mechanisms of Health and Disease II
MED 8134
Mechanisms of Health and Disease III
MED 8221
Clinical and Professional Skills III
MED 8222
Medicine and Society III
MED 8223
Mechanisms of Health and Disease IV
MED 8224
Mech of Health and Disease Keystone
MED 8299
Second-Year Special Study
MED 8301
Community-Based Primary Care
MED 8320
Transition to Clerkships
MED 8401
Medicine, Literature, and Writing
MED 8403
Teaching Skills for Medical Students
MED 8404
Adv Teaching Skills for Medical Students
MED 8405
Leadership for Future Physicians
MED 8410
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
MED 8411
Foundational Science & Drug Therapy
MED 8412
Improvisation: A Life Skill
MED 8413
Oaths and Ethics
MED 8414
Health Policy Advocacy Des Moines
MED 8415
Financial Management for Rising Interns
MED 8416
Foundations in Healthcare Ethics
MED 8470
Self-Directed Learning Adv Clin Topics
MED 8480
Global Health Clerkship
MED 8499
Individually Arranged Medicine Elective
MED 9701
Instructional Design and Technology
MED 9702
Clinical Teaching in Medical Education
MED 9703
Educational Research and Evaluation
MED 9711
Teaching Methods in Medical Education
MED 9712
Intro Ed Measurement in Medical Ed
MED 9713
Assessment in Medical Education
MED 9720
Portfolio Project
MED 9721
Study in Faculty Development
MED 9722
Independent Study
MED 9724
Leadership in Medicine
MED 9725
Simulation in Medical Education
MED 9726
Curriculum Dev in Med Ed
MED 9727
Communication Skills in Medical Educ
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