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LING 1030 - English Words

The focus of this course is not on the memorization but on the analysis of words from the perspective of linguistics. Vocabulary items based on Greek and Latin roots will be analyzed from the point of view of etymology, spelling, pronunciation, and morphological structure (the structure of words). To help achieve these goals, certain topics in linguistics will be covered, including some aspects of phonetics, morphology and language change. This course will help students develop their analytical skills. To achieve this goal, the course will be taught in a discussion format, not in a lecture format. The course will help students improve their vocabulary recognition and knowledge of words based on Greek and Latin roots. Exams: short essay questions and/or questions referring to the structure, spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of selected words that were discussed in class. No TRUE/FALSE questions, no multiple choice questions. In addition to the regular questions, I will also run Extra Credit questions that will typically be harder than the regular credit questions, the goal being to satisfy students who like being challenged. All questions on the exams will be based on what we discuss in class. No prior knowledge of linguistics is assumed. This course is NOT recommended as an ESL course for international students. Required reading: course pack materials prepared by the instructor (available from Zephyr Copies) and some papers on ICON.
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