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LING 1003
English Grammar
LING 1010
Language and Society
LING 1030
English Words
LING 1040
Language Rights
LING 1050
Language and Formal Reasoning
LING 1060
Languages of the World
LING 1070
Language Attitudes: Is How You Sound How You Are Seen?
LING 2010
Research Practicum
LING 2090
Special Project
LING 2248
The Invention of Writing
LING 3001
Introduction to Linguistics
LING 3005
Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics
LING 3010
Syntactic Analysis
LING 3020
Phonological Analysis
LING 3030
Child Language-Linguistic Perspectives
LING 3040
Topics in Linguistics
LING 3080
History of the English Language
LING 3101
Introduction to Korean Linguistics
LING 3116
Basic Neuroscience for Speech & Hearing
LING 3117
Psychology of Language
LING 3118
Language Acquisition
LING 3190
Psycholinguistic Aspects of Bilingualism
LING 3195
Linguistics Lab I
LING 3290
Statistical and Experimental Methods
LING 3302
Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
LING 3670
Language Processes
LING 3860
German Language and Society
LING 4010
Undergraduate Practicum in TESL
LING 4020
LING 4040
The Structure of English
LING 4050
Methods of TESL
LING 4070
Introduction to the Study of Meaning
LING 4195
Linguistics Lab II
LING 4589
Philosophy of Language
LING 4900
Honors: Research and Thesis
LING 5000
Proseminar: Morphosyntax
LING 5010
Introduction to Syntax
LING 5020
Introduction to Phonology
LING 5070
Practicum in TESL
LING 5090
Special Projects
LING 6010
Syntactic Theory
LING 6020
Phonological Theory
LING 6040
Linguistic Structures
LING 6050
Language Universals Linguistic Typology
LING 6080
Topics in Second Language Acquisition
LING 6101
Cognitive Science Language Proseminar I
LING 6483
Multilingual Educ & Applied Linguistics
LING 6900
Master's Thesis
LING 7100
Special Projects
LING 7900
PhD Thesis
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