COMM 2045 - Gender, Sexuality, and Space

Millennials don’t want to buy homes. Automobiles are falling out of favor as modes of transportation. Younger generations are choosing to move to cities. More young women may download an app to help them feel safe on their walks home at night. Each of these represent a recent headline or a phenomenon that reflect shifting relationships between space and American culture. But how do these relate to gender and/or sexuality? This course examines the intersection of gender, sexuality, and social space through the lens of communication studies. In doing so, we examine how communication constructs the meaning of particular social spaces (home, locker room, gym, workplace, college, border) in addition to forms of movement (driving, walking, skateboarding). In so doing, communication also shapes the rules around what performances of gender meet or break the expectations of a given social space. In addition to examining their construction by unpacking their layers, we will critically engage the stakes of those constructions by reflecting on how those rules and expectations shape the relationship between individuals and society.
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