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COMM 1112
Interpersonal Communication
COMM 1117
Theory and Practice of Argument
COMM 1130
The Art of Persuading Others
COMM 1168
Music and Social Change
COMM 1170
Communication Theory in Everyday Life
COMM 1174
Media and Society
COMM 1301
Core Concepts in Communication Studies
COMM 1305
Understanding Comm: Social Scientific
COMM 1306
Understand Comm: Humanistic Approaches
COMM 1816
Business and Professional Communication
COMM 1818
Communication Skills for Leadership
COMM 1819
Organizational Leadership
COMM 1830
Solving Public Problems
COMM 1840
Introduction to Media Production
COMM 1845
Short-Form Media Production
COMM 1898
Intro Latina/o/x Communication & Culture
COMM 2010
Communication and Organizational Culture
COMM 2011
Group Communication
COMM 2020
Health Communication
COMM 2030
Sexual Comm in Personal Relationships
COMM 2041
Gender, Communication, and Culture
COMM 2042
Intercultural Communication
COMM 2044
Political Communication
COMM 2045
Gender, Sexuality, and Space
COMM 2048
Transforming Media Telegraph to Internet
COMM 2051
Politics of Popular Culture
COMM 2054
Movements, Protest, Resistance
COMM 2057
Intro to Computer-Mediated Communication
COMM 2064
Media, Advertising, and Society
COMM 2065
Television Criticism
COMM 2069
Black Television Culture
COMM 2070
Social Media and Society
COMM 2075
Gender, Sexuality, and Media
COMM 2076
Race, Ethnicity, and Media
COMM 2077
Writing and Producing Television
COMM 2079
Digital Media and Religion
COMM 2080
Public Life in US: Religion and Media
COMM 2085
Media Industries and Organizations
COMM 2086
Global Media Studies
COMM 2089
Nonverbal Communication
COMM 2090
Topics in Communication Studies
COMM 2091
Organizational Communication
COMM 2248
The Invention of Writing
COMM 2800
Introduction to Latin American Studies
COMM 2813
Practicum in Debate
COMM 2821
Oral Interpretation
COMM 2828
Experiential Learning in Comm Studies
COMM 2897
Independent Study
COMM 2899
Honors Thesis
COMM 4131
Globalization and Culture
COMM 4146
Corporate Advocacy and Public Relations
COMM 4147
Family Communication
COMM 4157
Advanced Topics in Communication Studies
COMM 4163
Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4168
Rhetoric of the Body
COMM 4169
Feminist Rhetorics
COMM 4174
Communicatn/Technology/National Security
COMM 4183
Networking America: History of Broadcast
COMM 5200
Introduction to Research and Teaching
COMM 5205
Proseminar in Communication Studies
COMM 5230
Introduction to Rhetorical Studies
COMM 5241
Theories of Mass Communication
COMM 5299
Graduate Independent Study
COMM 6220
Health Communication Campaigns
COMM 6319
Criticism and Public Culture
COMM 6324
Rhetoric, Race, and Racism
COMM 6335
Prosem: Contemporary Rhetorical Studies
COMM 6336
Seminar in Rhetorical Theory
COMM 6339
Seminar: Rhetoric and Culture
COMM 6341
Topics in Mass Communication Scholarship
COMM 6342
Critical Television Studies
COMM 6350
Seminar: Mass Communication
COMM 6371
Communication Theory
COMM 6381
Seminar Topics in Communication Research
COMM 6387
Communication, Cognition, and Emotion
COMM 6399
Ph.D. Dissertation
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