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BIOL 101
BIOL 103
Principles of Human Anatomy
BIOL 104
Principles of Human Physiology
BIOL 112
Intro to Biology for Elem Educ
BIOL 130
Monkeys/Apes/Humans:Bio & Behv
BIOL 155
Intro to the Diversity of Life
BIOL 165
Introduction to Cell Biology
BIOL 200
Medical Terminology
BIOL 209
Clinical Microbiology
BIOL 210
Human Biological Variation
BIOL 220
General Microbiology
BIOL 225
Introduction to Genetics
BIOL 230
Cell Biology
BIOL 240
Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 265
Ecology Lab
BIOL 270
BIOL 280
Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 290
Biology Seminar
BIOL 300
Internship Health/Life Science
BIOL 305
Human Functional Anatomy
BIOL 310
Vertebrate Histology
BIOL 320
BIOL 325
Advanced Genetics
BIOL 330
Mammalian Physiology Lab
BIOL 345
Human Evolution
BIOL 350
Plant Biology
BIOL 355
Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOL 370
BIOL 390
Molecular Biology
BIOL 395
Biochemistry II
BIOL 399
IS: Skeletal Analysis
BIOL 411
Evolutionary Medicine
BIOL 435
Forensic&Hist DNA Analysis Lab
BIOL 440
Cancer Biology
BIOL 441
Cancer Biology Lab
BIOL 460
ST: Readings in Arachnology
BIOL 490
Independent Research Project
BIOL 495
Capstone: Integrative Biology
BIOL 496
Capstone: Research Experience
BIOL 503
Clinical Human Anatomy
BIOL 504
Gross Anatomy
BIOL 505
Human Physiology Discussion
BIOL 509
Advanced Pathophysiology
BIOL 510
Human Gross Anatomy I
BIOL 511
Human Gross Anatomy II
BIOL 512
Comparative Anatomy
BIOL 515
BIOL 516
BIOL 522
Molecular Biology
BIOL 528
Human Genetics
BIOL 535
Forensic DNA Analysis Lab
BIOL 540
Cancer Biology
BIOL 541
Cancer Biology Lab
BIOL 550
Human Variation
BIOL 551
Evolutionary Medicine
BIOL 555
Forensic Osteology Lab
BIOL 556
Human Evolution
BIOL 557
BIOL 558
Human Osteology
BIOL 559
Comparative Osteology
BIOL 560
Topics in Anatomy:Applied Stat
BIOL 561
ST:Diagnostics & Procedures
BIOL 562
ST: Evolutionary Genetics
BIOL 567
ST: Forensic Photography
BIOL 583
Teaching Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL 585
Research in Biology
BIOL 589
Thesis Proposal
BIOL 590
Thesis Biology
BIOL 598
Thesis Extension/Biology
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