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CI 401
Methods of Reading: Early Literacy in Urban Classrooms
CI 402
Reading and Writing in the Content Areas: Intermediate Liter...
CI 403
Literacy in the Disciplines: Adolescent Literacy in Urban Cl...
CI 404
Teaching and Learning Mathematics in the Urban Elementary Cl...
CI 405
Teaching and Learning Science in the Urban Elementary Classr...
CI 406
Teaching and Learning Social Sciences in the Urban Elementar...
CI 414
Middle and High School Literacy
CI 430
Teaching Middle Grades Social Sciences: Content and Methods
CI 450
Societal Bases of Languages, Literacies and Learning
CI 452
Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Media
CI 464
Bilingualism and Literacy in a Second Language
CI 470
Language, Culture, and Learning in Urban Classrooms
CI 472
Language Proficiency Assessment and ESL Instruction
CI 475
Teaching and Learning of the Natural Sciences
CI 481
Foundation and Current Issues in Educating English Language...
CI 482
Assessment and Instruction: A Multilingual/Multicultural Per...
CI 484
Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle School
CI 500
Proseminar in Curriculum and Instruction
CI 504
Secondary Literacy
CI 516
Research on Mathematics Teachers and Teaching
CI 518
Race, Identity, and Agency in Mathematics and Science Educat...
CI 527
Literacy Leadership
CI 528
Assessing Language and Literacy for Instruction
CI 531
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Equity in Second...
CI 534
Languages and Literacies In and Out of School
CI 535
Studies in Literacy Research and Teacher Inquiry
CI 539
Internship in Instructional Leadership
CI 540
Linguistics for Teachers
CI 549
Critical Pedagogy: Practice and Theory
CI 551
Practitioner Research in Science Contexts
CI 556
Proseminar in Literacy, Language and Culture
CI 557
Proseminar in Literacy, Language, and Culture
CI 562
Design and Conduct of Literacy Research
CI 567
Research on Science Teaching and Teacher Education
CI 570
Research on Science Learning
CI 573
Multimodality, Multiliteracies, and Science and Mathematics...
CI 574
Foundations of Curriculum Studies
CI 577
Literacy In and Out of School
CI 585
Seminar in Literacy Studies
CI 586
Perspectives on Writing Instruction: Theory, Research, and P...
CI 590
Alternative Paradigms of Qualitative Research in Education
CI 592
Apprenticeship in Teacher Education
CI 593
Ph.D. Research Project
CI 594
Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction
CI 596
Independent Study
CI 599
Thesis Research
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