SSCI 490C - SSCI Pract-EarlyChldhd Ed

Pre: Consent of instructor, one class of upper division writing-intensive (WI) coursework. The ECE Senior Practicum/Action Research Project is a six-credit, capstone course in which students interrogate ideas, questions, theories, processes and/or policies in early childhood education. Students create a relevant, personal, research question, conduct research and implement change in their professional practice. Students participate 120 hours in an ECE practicum site where they work with mentor teachers on their action research project and 40 hours with seminar and data collection. An understanding and application of social justice underlies the course work in both the practicum and project. Students consider the context and culture of Hawaii and develop awareness of the political nature of teaching, perceiving education as a means for creating a democratic society. Note: Students participating in Practicum must sign the UHWO Assumption of Risk and Release Form. This form must be completed and returned to instructor prior to beginning this off-campus activity.
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