SSCI 486L - Senior Proj Political Sci

Pre: SSCI 210, SSCI 300, social science methods course required by the student's concentration (see below), one class of upper division writing-intensive (WI) course work, and consent of instructor. With assistance from an advisor, students will complete a project based on original or library research related to a particular problem or issue in the chosen field of study. Students will share the results of this learning process with peers and will assist each other in refining communications skills, developing research and information retrieval techniques, and other research-related competencies. Required methods for each concentration are as follows: SSCI 486A (Anthropology): SSCI 317 SSCI 486E (Economics): SSCI 301 or 410 SSCI 486L (Political Science): SSCI 317 SSCI 486P (Psychology): PSY 212 A: Anthropology; E: Economics; L: Political Science; P: Psychology
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