VIET 1502 - Elementary Vietnamese II

Cr. 5. (3-2). Prerequisite: successful completion of VIET 1501 in the twelve months immediately prior to enrollment, or consent of instructor. Continued development of listening comprehension, oral communication, reading and writing. Class Notes: This class has a laboratory or additional lecture hours. Select a laboratory or recitation section from those listed below the class. Follow the directions below to register for the proper language courses: 1.If you register for a foreign language in which you have less than two years high school credit, you must register for the introductory course. 2.If you register for a foreign language course for which you have already received credit within the last 12 months, you must register for the next level course in order to receive credit. 3.If you register for a course in a foreign language for which you have two or more years of high school credit or a heritage language learner, you must be placed by test. Consult the Counseling and Testing Office, Hispanic Studies or Modern & Classical Languages for more information. If you have any questions please contact Hispanic Studies at 713-743-3007 (Spanish) or Modern & Classical Studies (all other languages) at 713-743-8350. Course or section requires additional fee.
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