GENB 4350 - Business Law and Ethics

Cr. 3. (3-0). Prerequisites: GENB 3301 or GENB 3302 (formerly 2301) and declared business major, or approval by program director, and a 2.0 gpa or higher. Commercial laws surrounding business transactions and the ethical aspect of organizational decision-making within these contexts. Includes contracts, business organizations, agency, and property transactions. Writing intensive. Class Notes: Are you having trouble enrolling in this class? If so, please visit Course instruction for this section takes place both in a classroom face-to-face environment during the scheduled time and additionally by electronic means. |Computer and internet access required for course. For technology resources, copy/paste/navigate to the URL For additional information, copy/paste/navigate to the URL or contact the office of Online & Special Programs at or 713-743-3327. Enrollment Requirements: Requisite: GENB 3301 or GENB 3302, good academic standing. Open to Business maj/minor who have a degree plan on file. Construction Management majors may contact Prof. Lingguang Song for registration questions at
Senior (81) Core-Writing in Discipline WID Off Campus
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