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VPAT 3100H
Introduction to Disease Hon
VPAT 3101
Basic Veterinary Medical Terms
VPAT 4000
Origins of Disease
VPAT 4100
Common Disease of Prod Animals
VPAT 4960H
Directed Project
VPAT 4960
Directed Readings Projects
VPAT 5200
Gen Animal Patholog
VPAT 5200L
VPAT 5215
Systemic Path I
VPAT 5220
Vet Forensic Path
VPAT 5250L
Clinical Pathol Lab
VPAT 5250
Clinical Pathology
VPAT 5301
Studies Diag Path
VPAT 5316
Systemic Path II
VPAT 5400
Diagnostic Pathology
VPAT 5401
Anatomic Path Clerk
VPAT 5402
Clinical Pathology Clerkship
VPAT 5900
Studies in Pathology
VPAT 6000
Origins of Disease
VPAT 7000
Master's Research
VPAT 7010
Necropsy Practicum
VPAT 7011
Necropsy Pract II
VPAT 7012
Necropsy Pract III
VPAT 7020
Biopsy Practicum
VPAT 7021
Biopsy Pract II
VPAT 7022
Biopsy Pract III
VPAT 7030
Cytology Practicum
VPAT 7031
Cytology Pract II
VPAT 7032
Cytology Pract III
VPAT 7050
Fund Fish Dis Path
VPAT 7200L
Gen Animal Path Lab
VPAT 7200
Gen Animal Patholog
VPAT 7300
Master's Thesis
VPAT 8000
Path Rounds
VPAT 8001
General Pathology Review
VPAT 8002
Gross Pathology Rounds
VPAT 8003
Ophthalmopathology Rounds
VPAT 8004
Dermatopathology Rounds
VPAT 8006
Clinical Path Journal Club
VPAT 8007
Chemistry Seminar
VPAT 8008
Biopsy Rounds
VPAT 8009
Cytology Rounds
VPAT 8020
Cell Path
VPAT 8050
Prob Vet Pathology
VPAT 8080
Clin Path Seminar
VPAT 8100
Microscopic Path
VPAT 8110
Vet Advanced Path
VPAT 8140
Sem in Vet Path
VPAT 8220
Avian Histopath
VPAT 8250
Adv Problems in Vet Pathology
VPAT 8350
Laboratory Animal Necropsy
VPAT 9000
Doctoral Research
VPAT 9300
Doct Dissertation
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