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SPAN 1001
Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1002
Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 1002E
Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 1110E
Accelerated Elementary Spanish
SPAN 1110
Accelerated Elementary Spanish
SPAN 2001E
Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2001
Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2002
Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 2002E
Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 2030
Practical Spanish Conversation
SPAN 2120H
Accel Intermediate Span Honors
SPAN 2500
Sp for Reading Kn
SPAN 2550
Latin Lit Lang
SPAN 3010
Spanish Conversation
SPAN 3010H
Spanish Conversation Honors
SPAN 3011
Spanish Comp Heritage Speakers
SPAN 3020
Spanish Composition
SPAN 3020H
Spanish Composition Honors
SPAN 3030
Introduction to Literature
SPAN 3030H
Introduction to Literature Hon
SPAN 3040
Intro Analysis Hispanic Cultur
SPAN 3050
Intro to Span Ling
SPAN 4003
Medical Spanish
SPAN 4004S
Med Interpreting Ethics Comm
SPAN 4040
Spanish Lit and Culture I
SPAN 4050
Spanish Lit and Culture II
SPAN 4060
Spanish-American Literature I
SPAN 4070
Spanish-American Literature II
SPAN 4080
Studies Hispan Lit and Culture
SPAN 4081
Spanish Film
SPAN 4082
Spanish-American Film
SPAN 4090S
Practicum in Service Learning
SPAN 4100
Span Topics Across Disciplines
SPAN 4120
Topics Hispan Culture Lang Lit
SPAN 4150
Business Spanish
SPAN 4250
Adv Bus Spanish
SPAN 4550
Intro to History of Spanish
SPAN 4650
Span Phonetics
SPAN 4651
Adv Span Gram
SPAN 4652
Spanish Dialects
SPAN 4750
Spanish Syntax
SPAN 6120
Topics Hispan Culture Lang Lit
SPAN 6300
Modern Spain
SPAN 6350
Rom Ling Theory Ana
SPAN 6400
Contemp Spain
SPAN 6450
Var Socio in Spanis
SPAN 6500
New World
SPAN 6550
History Span Lang
SPAN 6600
Span Amer Nations
SPAN 6650
Sp Phon andphonology
SPAN 6700
Modern Span Amer
SPAN 6750
Span Syntax and Morph
SPAN 6800
Latina/o Lit of US
SPAN 6850
Span Applied Ling
SPAN 6950
Sp Sem and Pragmatics
SPAN 8010
Selected Topics
SPAN 8100
Poetry and Poetics
SPAN 8180
Lit and Cult Theory
SPAN 8200
Narr Discourses
SPAN 8300
Hispanic Thought
SPAN 8400
Performance St
SPAN 8450
Adv Span Socioling and Dialect
SPAN 8550
Adv Topics Hist of Span Lang
SPAN 8750
Advanced Spanish Syntax
SPAN 8850
Span Sec Lang Ac
SPAN 8950
Adv Span Pragmat Disc Analysis
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