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PHRM 3030
Essentials of Pharmacy Pract I
PHRM 3040
Essentials of Pharmacy Prac II
PHRM 3070
Medicinal Chemistry I
PHRM 3300
Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHRM 3310
Principles of Pharmacology I
PHRM 3320
Principles of Pharmacology II
PHRM 3500
Career Opportunities
PHRM 3520
Interpreting Clin Lab Tests
PHRM 3540
Nutrition in Pharmacy Practice
PHRM 3550
Human Pathophysiology
PHRM 3600
Immunology and Biotechnology
PHRM 3750
Pharm and US Health Care Syst
PHRM 3820
OTCs and Herbal Products
PHRM 3900
Pharmacy Intercommunications
PHRM 3940
Survey of Drug Information
PHRM 3950
Ippe I
PHRM 4030
Essentials of Pharm Pract III
PHRM 4040
Essentials of Pharm Pract IV
PHRM 4050
Prin of Med Chem I
PHRM 4060
Medicinal Chemistry II
PHRM 4120
Phm Skills Lab III
PHRM 4130
Phm Skills Lab IV
PHRM 4180
ID and Antitumor Agents
PHRM 4200
Fundamentals Pharmaceutics I
PHRM 4211
Biopharm and Pharmacokinetics
PHRM 4300
Phys Assess Pharmacists
PHRM 4410
Pharmacology I
PHRM 4430
Pharmacology III
PHRM 4500
Pharmaco Issues Women's Health
PHRM 4520
Ippe II
PHRM 4700
Stat Approach to Drug Lit Eval
PHRM 4740
Pharm and Therapeu Drug Eval
PHRM 4850
Disease Mgmt
PHRM 4870
Pharmacotherapy I
PHRM 4880
Pharmacotherapy II
PHRM 5040E
Antiviral Chemotherapy
PHRM 5050
Abused Drugs
PHRM 5080
Diabet Disease Mgmt
PHRM 5100
Nuclear Pharmacy
PHRM 5130
Beyond Dispensing
PHRM 5140
Phm Skills Lab V
PHRM 5160
Applied Pharmacy Practice I
PHRM 5170
Applied Pharmacy Practice II
PHRM 5180
Addiction Mgmt
PHRM 5190
Anticancer Therapeutics
PHRM 5210
Spc Topics Pharmacy
PHRM 5220
Health Research Methods
PHRM 5250
Phar Entrepreneur
PHRM 5261
Clinical Pk
PHRM 5270E
Intro to Veterinary Pharmacy
PHRM 5350
Basic Emerg Prepare
PHRM 5370
Critical Care Pharmacy
PHRM 5380
Pediatric Pharm
PHRM 5390
Pharmacogenomic Therapies
PHRM 5410E
Clin Pharm Topics
PHRM 5420
Pharm Health Services Outcome
PHRM 5460
Forensic Pharm
PHRM 5520
Cancer Aware and Prev
PHRM 5540
Pub Health Profess
PHRM 5560
Integrated Patient Care
PHRM 5580
Academic Pharmacy
PHRM 5650
Pharmacy Care Mgt
PHRM 5680
Pharmacy Law and Ethics
PHRM 5710
Ippe IV
PHRM 5720
Ippe V
PHRM 5750
Drug Interact and Adverse Reac
PHRM 5820
Self-Care And Otcs
PHRM 5840
Phys Assess
PHRM 5850
Intro Residency
PHRM 5860
Pharmacotherapy I
PHRM 5870
Pharmacotheraphy II
PHRM 5880
Pharmacotherapy III
PHRM 5890
Pharmacotherapy IV
PHRM 5903
Adv Pharm Practice Exp III
PHRM 5904
Adv Pharm Practice Exp IV
PHRM 5905
Adv Pharm Practice Exp V
PHRM 5906
Adv Pharm Practice Exp VI
PHRM 5907
Adv Pharm Practice Exp VII
PHRM 5908
Adv Pharm Practice Exp VIII
PHRM 5909
Adv Pharm Practice Exp IX
PHRM 5920
Clinical Seminar
PHRM 5930
Pharm Care Plans and Prof Dev
PHRM 5950
Adv Drg Info Policy
PHRM 5980
Undergraduate Research Problem
PHRM 6750
Pharmacy and Health Care Syst
PHRM 7000
Master's Research
PHRM 7050
Abused Drugs
PHRM 7210E
Spc Topics Pharmacy
PHRM 7210
Spc Topics Pharmacy
PHRM 7230
Ethical Issues in Research
PHRM 7230E
Ethical Issues Res
PHRM 7300
Master's Thesis
PHRM 7500
Intro Clin Ther
PHRM 7540
Pub Health Profess
PHRM 7650
Pharmacy Care Mgt
PHRM 7680
Pharmacy Law and Ethics
PHRM 7810
Patient Care
PHRM 7820
Residency Seminar
PHRM 7830
Residency Research
PHRM 7840
Teach Pharm Prac
PHRM 7870
Pharmacy Resident Enrichment
PHRM 7870D
Pharmacy Resident Enrichment
PHRM 7900
Lab Rotations II
PHRM 7910
Advanced Pt Care
PHRM 7920
Adv Res Seminar
PHRM 7930
Adv Res Research
PHRM 7940
Adv Teach Phrm Prac
PHRM 7950E
Clinical Apps.
PHRM 7960E
Scholarship Develop
PHRM 8010
Structural Bio and Med Chem
PHRM 8020
Molecular Pharmacology
PHRM 8030
Adv Pharmaceut Biopharmaceut
PHRM 8080
PHRM 8190
Can Biol and Therapy
PHRM 8200
PBS Seminar
PHRM 8210
Adv Topics PBS
PHRM 8260
PHRM 8600
Signal Transduction
PHRM 8610
Soc Behv in Pharm
PHRM 8620
PCA Seminar
PHRM 8640
Res in PCA
PHRM 8670
Econ Eval Health
PHRM 8680
PHRM 8690
Health Outcomes
PHRM 8700
Adv Ther I
PHRM 8710
Adv Ther II
PHRM 8730
Clin Sem
PHRM 8740
Intro to Cet Resrch
PHRM 8750
Method Experiment Therapeutics
PHRM 8940
Organ Systems Tox
PHRM 9000
Doctoral Research
PHRM 9300
Doct Dissertation
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