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PADP 3000
Introduction to Public Admin
PADP 3100
Intro to Policy Analysis
PADP 4200
Selected Topics in PADP
PADP 4630
Politics and Budgeting Process
PADP 4640
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
PADP 4650
Policy Process
PADP 4660
Program Evaluation
PADP 4980H
Dir Readings Proj H
PADP 6490
Administrative Law
PADP 6910
Pub Admin/democracy
PADP 6920
Public Person Admin
PADP 6930
Public Fin Admin
PADP 6950
Found Policy Analys
PADP 6960
Public Management
PADP 6980
Socialization I
PADP 6990
Socialization II
PADP 7000
Masters Research
PADP 7005
Grad Student Sem
PADP 7110
Rsch Mthds Pub Admn
PADP 7120
Data App Pub Adm
PADP 7150
Policy Capstone
PADP 7200
Indp Study Pa
PADP 7210
Intro to Nonprofit
PADP 7220
Nonprofit Mgt.
PADP 7350
Intern in Govt
PADP 7360
Managing Govt Perf
PADP 7380
Ethics in Pub Adm
PADP 7500
Local Govt Managemt
PADP 7520
Urban Policy
PADP 7900
Managing Volunteers
PADP 7920
Eeo and Diversity
PADP 7930
Human Services Adm
PADP 8110
Logic of Social Inq
PADP 8120
Data Anlsys and Stat
PADP 8130
Linear Mods and Tech
PADP 8140
Adv Topic Stat Mod
PADP 8220
Topics Nonprofit
PADP 8420
Leadership Pub Serv
PADP 8430
Pub Fin Management
PADP 8460
Org Behavior
PADP 8470
Bids and Contracting
PADP 8550
Intergovernmental Relations
PADP 8620
Policy Process
PADP 8630
Policy Implement
PADP 8640
Program Evaluation
PADP 8650
Public Policy Sem
PADP 8670
Policy Analysis I
PADP 8710
Ideas/issues in Pa
PADP 8820
Economic Development
PADP 8830
Public Budgeting
PADP 8840
Metro Fiscal Prob
PADP 8870
Debt Management
PADP 8940
Intl and Comparative Admin
PADP 9000
Doctoral Research
PADP 9005
Doc Grad Stu Sem
PADP 9200
Indp Study PA
PADP 9300
Doctoral Dissertation
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