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LAMS 3000E
Fdn of Clinical Medicine I
LAMS 3010E
Fdn of Clinical Medicine II
LAMS 3020E
Fdn of Clinical Medicine III
LAMS 5150
Physical Diagnosis
LAMS 5150L
Physical Diagnosis Lab
LAMS 5160
Large An Infect
LAMS 5203
Principles of Anesthesia
LAMS 5203L
Principles of Anesthesia Lab
LAMS 5211
Eq Dentistry
LAMS 5211L
Eq Dentistry
LAMS 5220
Large Animal Adv Anesthesia
LAMS 5220L
Large Anim Adv Anesthesia Lab
LAMS 5230
LAM Uro Hem Endo
LAMS 5240
Problems Large Animal Medicine
LAMS 5250L
Clinical Tech Lab
LAMS 5250
Clinical Techniques
LAMS 5290
Vet Obstetrics
LAMS 5301
Rum Int Med Res Dis
LAMS 5310
Lg An Therio Select
LAMS 5313
Eq Respiratory Dis
LAMS 5314
La Neurology
LAMS 5315
Equine Clinical Diag Imaging
LAMS 5315L
Equine Clinical Diag Imag Lab
LAMS 5323
La Cardiology
LAMS 5333
Resp Diseases
LAMS 5350
La Digestive Dis
LAMS 5351
Eq Digest Diseases
LAMS 5353
Eq Lameness and Foot
LAMS 5359
Musculoskel Dis
LAMS 5363
La Emer Med/sx
LAMS 5375
Eq Surgery I
LAMS 5376
Eq Surgery II
LAMS 5380
Large Animal Adv Surgical Tech
LAMS 5380L
Large Animal Adv Surg Tech Lab
LAMS 5385
Bovine Surg
LAMS 5395
AI Et Art
LAMS 5400
Large Anim Adv Clin Anesthesia
LAMS 5415
Large Animal Internal Medicine
LAMS 5420
Large Animal Surgery
LAMS 5425
Large Animal Farm Practice
LAMS 5425S
Large Animal Farm Practice
LAMS 5426
Small Ruminants and Camelids
LAMS 5435
General Theriogenology
LAMS 5465
LA Emergency and Critical Care
LAMS 5470
Equine Diag Imag and Lameness
LAMS 5475
Equine Clinical Nutrition
LAMS 5480
Equine Ophthalmology
LAMS 5900
Clinical Large Animal Medicine
LAMS 6000E
Clinically-Based Concepts I
LAMS 7500
Large Animal Internship
LAMS 7610
Large Animal Residency I
LAMS 7620
Large Animal Residency II
LAMS 7630
Large Animal Residency III
LAMS 7640
La Residency IV
LAMS 7650
Sem Large Animal Medicine Surg
LAMS 8010
LAMS 9020
LAMS Instructional Challenges
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